When new features come with Instagram messaging, I cannot be bothered because I love to do all my messaging with WhatsApp/Facebook Messenger. But if you are unlike me and you prefer to use Instagram DMs in addition to these other platforms, this update should be of interest to you.
Instagram has been building on a feature that allows you to see the last time your contact was seen on the platform. Now, the platform allows you to know if your friend is online. You’ll see green dots next to your contacts’ names if they’re presently online.

Image Credit: The Verge
You can now tell if your contacts are online with Instagram's new status 1

If you are very open and love to be interactive on the platform, this should be very fine. But if you would like to keep things on the low, you may decide to turn the feature off.
Simply head to the profile tab, open the Settings menu, scroll down to Privacy and Security, tap on Activity Status, and toggle it off. This will not only hide your status, but it’ll also disable indicators for people in your DMs, so you won’t be able to see when they’re online.
With a similar feature on WhatsApp, I have not seen the need to turn it off. I love to stay interactive on the platform. If I am too occupied to reply a message, I just leave it until I am free or just ignore unnecessary conversations. Hey, it’s my phone after all hence, I don’t see the need to hide my last seen of turn off “read receipts”. But people do this for more private purposes and that’s fine.
Depending on how things go, I may not change the settings on Instagram. Moreover, I’m not an active user of its messaging tool. But if you prefer to keep things more private to prevent people from sliding into your DM whenever they please, you can turn off this function with the process stated above.
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