Google Earth has introduced its new Measure Tool that will let you measure the area and distance of things that are on the map.
Would you like to verify the dimensions of a plot of land you intend paying for? One cool feature of the Measure tool is that you aren’t limited to simple squares, meaning you can select the borders of an area so it’s easier to measure irregularly shaped objects like parks, buildings, or even states and countries, and if you’re so inclined, measure the length of a route you intend taking at some point during the day as well as the distance to your next holiday destination.

Source: Google

Google deemed it necessary to add the new tool because “one of the most requested features for Google Earth is the ability to measure distance and areas” as stated in this blog post.
The Measure tool is available now on Android and Google Chrome, with the iOS version to be released later.
These are wonderful times to be living in. What would you like to do with the new feature? Go try it out, and good luck.
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