While 2019 is at its closing stages, it remains the ‘Year of Return’ in Ghana. Africans and people of African descent living in the diaspora have been in and out of the West African country at various times of the year — ranging from Hollywood personalities to everyday people wanting to connect with their roots.
When one is travelling in and exploring a country where they have less knowledge of the culture, money is a touchy issue. Whether it’s the fear of losing money, or being overcharged for services and purchases. Carrying cash on your person can be a magnet for disappointment — as you may lose it or be mugged. Adventures are always better when you and your money are both secure.
In this article, we’ll outline the five best fintech apps to use when you are travelling in Ghana — either on a Year of Return adventure, or simply just visiting the country. Let’s get into it.

4 Best fintech apps to use while on your Year of Return adventures


ALEXPay presents one of the most ingenious ways to send and receive money among these platforms. Sending money for all forms of payment is as easy as dialing the USSD code *443#. Just that. And if you want the app too, you can get it from the Google Play or the App Store.
It has a ‘crowdfunding’ feature that allows you to request support in financing your projects. The feature gives you insight into generation of additional funds, manage administering sponsors, and much more.


MOVE is a USSD based platform that allows you to send money as well as pay bills directly from your mobile wallet. MOVE is easy to use as with the service being USSD based, there will be no data cost as there’s no need for any app downloads. Simply dial the code (*718#) and set MOVE in motion.
For people who are more comfortable working with apps, you can get to download MOVE from the Google Play Store.


Slydepay is a mobile money app which allows flexibility in payments and transactions. With Slydepay, pay anyone, pay for anything, send and receive money, buy airtime and data, pay bills. Slydepay processes all mobile money wallets and card payments from your linked Visa or Mastercard issued from any bank in the world.


With expressPay, paying utility and subscription service bills, buying airtime topup in Ghana is fast, simple, and secure. Using the Bank Direct feature, users can easily send funds to their bank accounts or make withdrawal of funds from their accounts smoothly and without hustle. Download their app on Google Playstore and explore all features.
Aside the apps mentioned above, the traditional mobile wallets from the telecom network providers can come in handy. The biggest issue with those are that sometimes (rarely, though) the networks experience downtime just when you need to authorize a transaction, or make a cash withdrawal.
If you’re already in Ghana, enjoy the Year of Return; make the best of your visit and see all the interesting places in town. If you’re planning to come later during the Christmas holidays, we welcome you in advance.

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