One of the ride-hailing services in Ghana, Yango, has just killed off the main feature that made it unique from the others. That is the varied low-cost ride fares. Yango has now introduced a fixed price feature to solve the problem of unexpected hikes in prices.
For the past few months, riders had been complaining of price increases from the drivers. These price hikes were as a result of traffic jams and taking different roads other than the planned ones.
With this fixed price feature, when a route is entered into the Yango app, the app calculates the exact price of the trip. This price will then remain the same until the end of the trip.
According to the service, the new fixed price feature is going for all the rides on the app, both Comfort and Economy.
The General Manager of Yango in West Africa, Kadotien Soro, said:
“To get a fixed price, a user should enter an accurate destination point when ordering a car via the Yango app. Also, if a user wishes to visit several points on his/her way, he should enter all these intermediary points before ordering the ride; otherwise the fixed price feature will not work.”
The Yango app is using a smart algorithm to do the calculation of the fares. The algorithm factors in the time of the day and the current traffic on the chosen route.
Also, the company factored in the usual knowledge of traffic situations in Accra to give accurate travel fares. This is to make sure that neither the rider nor the driver is cheated or suffer unfair tariffs.
The Director for Global Expansion at Yango, Musheg Sahakian, remarked that the company wants to see their customers as satisfied as possible, thus, the introduction of the fixed pricing.
Customer satisfaction is central to our business. Since our launch in Ghana, feedback we have received clearly indicates that a Fixed Price feature is what our customers want – no hustling after a trip,” Sahakian said.
Yango started operations in June this year with two different ride kinds: the Economy and the Comfort. The Economy ride was as low as ₵2. The Comfort ride was for more comfortable luxury and spacious air-conditioned cars. Its basic fare was ₵8.

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