Xiaomi file transfer

Chinese mobile giant, Xiaomi’s file transfer tool in the developing stage is a new wireless file transfer feature like Apple’s AirDrop on iOS and macOS devices. Xiaomi is developing this feature in collaboration with two other top Chinese mobile companies, Vivo and Oppo.

The new wireless file transfer protocol these 3 companies are working on will feature only the phones coming from the companies. They will fuse it into the Xiaomi MIUI, the Oppo ColorOS, and the Vivo FuntouchOS. All these platforms are based on the Android operating software.

This came from Xiaomi’s official MIUI account via a WeChat post, saying they are going to integrate the peer-to-peer file transfer feature in their various software.

Xiaomi’s file transfer tool is going to use the Bluetooth technology to pair the devices. The exciting part is the technology would be able to transfer files at up to the speed of 20MB/s. This high-speed transfer may use a Wi-Fi network on its backend. That will make it more like Apple’s AirDrop transfer protocol.

The beta version of Xiaomi’s file transfer protocol is rumoured to be released by the end of August.

It is important to know that Google itself is also working on similar technology in the upcoming Android Q operating software. Over the years, Google has tried to get a perfect AirDrop-like feature for its Android OS.

This led to the 2011 Android 4.0’s Android Beam. This protocol relied on NFC for device pairing but it is currently being replaced by the newer Fast Share feature in upcoming Android Q.

Fast Share will be able to transfer files not only between Android smartphones but Chromebooks and iOS devices as well.

Why are Xiaomi and the rest wasting time if Google is already making such a feature? The catch is Fast Share will be a Google Play Services feature. That should simply explain why Xiaomi, Vivo, and Oppo are working on theirs.

According to Xiaomi’s post on WeChat, the 3 companies currently working on the technology are happy to welcome other smartphone companies who wish to join and let their devices enjoy this new fast file transfer feature.

Will Huawei, which captured 34 percent of the Chinese market alone last quarter, join them or also build its own version of it?


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