wow ghana
Image: Wow Ghana

Wow Ghana is an online (social platform) that is strictly attuned to showcasing Ghana to the world. It features the rich culture of Ghana through her people, symbols, food, dance, music, clothes, language, tourist attractions, and many more.

What does wow represent?

The term Wow simply means anything that would make you have a wow expression ?. Therefore, if Ghana is that amazing with its beautiful culture then it definitely deserves a Wow ?.

How to follow Wow Ghana?

They have three online platforms so far, Facebook @ wowghanagh Twitter @wow_ghana and Instagram @officialwowghana.

To receive day-to-day updates on the rich culture of Ghana in the form of memes, quotes, findings, and many more; follow them.

wow ghana
Image: Wow Ghana

They are very interactive on all their social media platforms and seek to bring the best to their followers. Every Friday, they feature local business flyers/posters for free. Business owners are encouraged to send their artwork for features, and the general public is expected to join in this initiative by sending pictures that tell the beautiful Ghanaian story to the world. Wow Ghana will provide the needed credit for every content that is sent.

Follow Wow Ghana on Facebook: @wowghanagh Twitter: @wow_ghana and Instagram: @officialwowghana

Wow Ghana contact details:


Tel: +233261584845/+233204501049


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