The world of smartphones is about to get more interesting. With talk of 5G, and foldable phones already in the foreseeable future, the coming weeks and eventually, the months ahead, are worth looking forward to. However, while innovation in smartphones is getting exciting, the numbers are down and reducing when it comes to sales.
Handset makers are feeling the pain of stagnation. Apple, for example, took a hit when sales for its latest iPhone offering didn’t bring the projected revenue. While there are many factors that could account for that, the truth for most consumers is there are less compelling reasons to go get a new device as most phones in existence today are already quite good and therefore removing the need to upgrade every one to two years.
In other words “bring us something that’s intriguing and we’re likely to reach deep into our wallets and purses to get it”. If that’s really the sentiment then, maybe, the year 2019 might just make wishes come true. The year started not too long ago and already, it has some innovative products being lined up for launch.
If you haven’t already read, heard, or seen the signs then, here’s what we’ve got coming up: Samsung, Huawei, and Xiaomi are working on foldable smartphones, and if the rumors are true, then, Motorola will be showing up with a new Razr device. Earlier this week, we had Meizu offering us the world’s first handset with no ports.
While the foldable phones have assurances from Google, who has promised updates to support them with updates to Android, the same cannot be said of 5G because while there’ll be 5G devices, getting actual coverage with your network provider will be another issue.
The most important factor these innovations will depend on is pricing. While OnePlus for example has shown that high-spec phones can be inexpensive, industry giants such as Apple and Samsung are not likely to relent on the pricing of their flagships. And if that is anything to go by, a novelty such as foldables are likely to be in the region of $1500 and above.
This is going to be a key year for the smartphone. Things are either going to be considered as exciting or regarded as unnecessary. But whatever the future holds, let’s see if it’s 5G or foldable phones — or maybe both that will save the market from stagnation.

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