As a creative freelancer, I do a good portion of my work on the go. From creating artworks in bars to designing banners on my way to church; great memories if you ask me since living on the edge is the bane of my existence. Like the best of us; every creative you know, I procrastinate with almost every project because “I’ve got time to get this done in the morning”, “I can do this even in my sleep” or “It will only take 10 minutes to complete this.” I have had the unfortunate incident of also being forgetful and almost missing a deadline, but now, I don’t worry about missing deadlines and rushing home like a maniac because with MTN Google Carrier Billing, I can complete my projects on my tablet anywhere, anyhow, anytime and under any circumstance.
When I started my career, we used to download design apps on torrent sites because it was impossible to purchase the applications I needed from West Africa, but these apps never gave updates when you needed or left portions inaccessible to me due to my location. As these developers recognized they had untapped audiences in the region, they started allowing users to purchase apps with debit or credit cards issued by local banks, but that came with its own nightmare of ridiculous pricing and annual fees. And the worst part, when your card got stolen the thieves could use the funds on your card just as easily as you did and you will not get your money back.
With this new service by MTN, which is so easy to set up, I can pay for all my work apps with my Mobile Money (MoMo) from the convenience of my car or the mall without having to dive headfirst into the black hole I call a bag looking for my debit card and inadvertently exposing my card details to the whole world.
What is better than convenience, it is security! Because any payment made with MoMo is secured with your unique PIN, even if my phone gets stolen my money is safe unlike if my card got stolen. I will know because it happened to me once, but that is a story for another day. Also, nobody can use my MoMo to purchase apps without my knowledge because I will get the notification to confirm the purchase.
Last but definitely not the least, arguably more important is the fact that I can access all my favourite apps I need for work in Ghana without having to worry about a foreign address or credit/debit card. That, to me, is the true icing on the cake. There are times I need to whip up an artwork in the middle of town, remember I shared I like to procrastinate?, and I don’t have the time to get home or my laptop has no battery power yet I can get the work done as needed and on time thanks to the apps I bought with the carrier billing either on my phone or tablet.
You may be a freelancer like myself and require access to premium applications for work, or you may be a game head who lives for the new games or you may need to pay for a premium app for a loved one; all that is possible now with this new solution from MTN. Don’t take my word for it, try it and let me know if you’re a believer.


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