There are plenty of ways to get your message out to the world, and when it comes to websites, the thing that you want to do more than anything is make sure that you are getting your message out in a way that is effective, professional, and allows your customers to easily read your blogs and act upon them is critical to success. If you are looking for a blogging platform, there are certainly plenty of options. However, one of the most talked about options is WordPress. This is the blogging platform that is the most popular for a variety of reasons. What makes the popularity of WordPress even more interesting is that this is a platform that is not as easy as others including Wix and Weebly. However, there are a few reasons why WordPress is so popular and worth exploring.

When it comes to finding platforms to host your blog, there are plenty of considerations that would make a lot of sense. The first thing to think about is hosting and what you need on the blogging platform to get your content out to the world. Whether it is easy or hard to use should not be a major consideration, as everything can be learned or you can always hire someone. A WordPress expert, for example, is someone who can build you a site on this blogging platform and do much in the way of giving you the site you need for your blog. The reality is there are many blogging platforms you can try but WordPress proves far and away to be one of the best out there because of its versatility along with several other benefits, but these three reasons are why you should trust WordPress with your blogging.

WordPress is Free – Mostly

The bare bones of WordPress are free – which is great. How often are you able to get a really powerful tool at no cost? This is one of the key benefits of WordPress, and when your blog is in its nascent stages, having a free platform that allows you to do so many other things without having to pay through the nose is always helpful to your blog. This is a key benefit of WordPress. You will have no problem getting started and you won’t have to deal with the problems coming with getting all sorts of tools just to get your site up and running.

That being said, there are lots of themes, extensions, and plug-ins. Some of these are free while others will require a nominal fee. At the end of the day, these fees are not too bad when you consider all that you are getting with these different add-ons. The best part about WordPress is that there are so many different ways to customize your site to perfectly fit the needs of your customers for free or a nominal fee. That’s why WordPress is one of the best sites around – you get amazing customization and don’t have to pay much for it if anything at all.

Open Source Software is Easy to Learn

The idea many have about WordPress is it’s more difficult to learn because it is much closer to a coded site than a site that is built like a Weebly or a Wix site. WordPress does allow you to work on the site and make it completely your own. The key to this is the open source software. Unlike closed source software, open source allows anything to work with the software and make changes that would work for all individuals. This is software that is customizable, and the best part is it promotes making your site something that is truly your own instead of a variation of other sites. You will be able to learn how to use WordPress very quickly. There are plenty of YouTube videos on the different WordPress guides that will help you learn the most simple tasks along with the more mundane aspects of it.

As WordPress keeps evolving, there are plenty of add ons and other parts to it that will change, and this is one of the benefits. As WordPress and the users evolve, the software gets easier and does more for customers.

Management is Really Simple

WordPress Management is Really Simple

WordPress has a number of advantages over other platforms when it comes to management, perhaps the biggest advantage is that with WordPress, you can use several different manager accounts that give permission to make changes to multiple people. This is just one simple yet very effective way that WordPress gives individuals the power to really build sites as they see fit. There are plenty of other ways that management of a site with WordPress exceeds even the most downplayed expectations when it comes to ease of use.

There are several different activities that are involved with managing the site, but one that should be looked at is updating the site. WordPress makes it really easy to update not just the site itself, but all the add-ons also. This is simple and yet really effective – the add-on gets updated automatically. The importance of these updates can’t be lost. The easiest way for your site to get compromised is for hackers to look through the security vulnerabilities found in software that is not updated. If you store sensitive information, it is especially important to update your site, and the automatic updating makes this particular part of site management much easier than without WordPress.

Another simple yet effective way to manage the site is with SEO. WordPress has some great tools for making SEO work really well for your site. You can pick and choose the keywords that define your business and work on promoting your business using these keywords. There is also the ability to hone in on alt-tags and many other SEO opportunities with great ease, and managing the site with SEO protocol is just one example how WordPress makes site management much easier.



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