Plastic waste has always been a menace to the Ghanaian community. Most people do not know how to dispose of plastics well enough. That is why a group of Ghanaians has developed an app that buys plastic waste and recycles it — the Wonelcycer app.
The name Wonelcycer is actually the reverse spelling of the phrase “Recycle Now”. And this app is here to help advance the country’s effort in improving sanitation and plastic extrusion.
Emmanuel Appiah, the CEO of Wonelcycer app gave instructions on how the app is used. He said users just need to scan a plastic bottle with the app and they would know how much they’re getting if sold to Wonelcycer.
Scanning the plastic bottle will also show you where the Wonelcycer vendors would meet to collect them. He also said the app works even without internet, thanks to their “Aireceive” technology.
Mr Appiah made a point on why Wonelcycer app is important. He said, “When people don’t have an option, they tend to use whatever is available to them. For example, if people finish using bottled water and there isn’t a dustbin around to put it in or there isn’t any agent around to really target them and collect it, then, you will find it that unfortunately, people will litter.
“If we are able to provide them with the solution; the technology that basically scans the bottle and it is not by bar code but it is by way of analysing it or understanding it and telling them that this bottle is worth say 10 pesewas or 50 pesewas so don’t throw it away.
Emmanuel Appiah also made mention that this is a good initiative and therefore they are ready to welcome partnerships with major environment stakeholders like the Ministry of Sanitation and Water Resource.
On when the Wonelcycer app is going live, Emmanuel Appiah said they are working but full operations will start before this year ends. The app is already available on Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store.

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