Golden Hour Match week 1

Wonderkid made the perfect start to the Golden Hour eSports tournament on Saturday as he defeated Messi by 3-1 to top the Golden Hour eSports tournament table after the opening day fixtures.

After a long wait, the competition began last week Saturday at the Studios of Kwese Tv as the 6 FIFA eSports players came in strongly to impress on the opening day.

However, it was Wonderkid who made a more impressive start to top the table after Match Week 1. He leads the table by a two-goal difference ahead of Starson and Kiki who also collected their first three points of the campaign.

Results for Match Week 1

Wonderkid tops table after Match Week 1

In the first game of Match Week 1 and the Golden Hour eSports tournament, Kiki defeated Aspect by a lone goal before while Starson also defeated Sulley by 2-1 in the second game. The third game of Match Week one saw Wonderkid defeating Messi by 3-1.

As it stands now


Match week 2

The tournament continues on 22nd June 2019 at precisely 3 pm at the studios of Kwese Tv. Messi and Sulley will be looking to collect their first three points of the tournament when they battle it out in the first match. The second game of week two will be between Aspect and Wonderkhid while Kiki and Starson, will both be looking to occupy first place when they face off in the final game of Match week 2.


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