Digital marketing! You’ve probably heard the term being thrown around in corporate settings and (or) business growth discussions but just don’t know what it is, yet. Well, it is the modern day version of the color television. Fascinating, isn’t it? Now read on to learn just how important this is to businesses today; and how you can get a slice of the cake for yourself.

Digital marketing is the term that describes marketing which is done using the internet and electronic devices. It is all about the efforts made, as well as the strategies put into place that can leverage social media, search engines, email, websites together — in order to reach out to current customers and connect with potential clients.

With the internet being more accessible today, the number of people going online keeps increasing daily. It is such that it has had an effect on our selling and buying culture; as it means you need to meet your customers where they are — in this case, on the internet. And that is how the face of advertising changed almost overnight within the last decade and a half.

Importance of Digital Marketing

In the 21st Century, digital marketing is vital to businesses in their need to attract new customers while retaining existing ones. A business that has no idea how to sell itself favorably using the internet, would remain obscure; and in no time, lose whatever customers it had because they would move on to more exciting competitors they find or engage with online.

Now, CEOs can’t always task themselves with being responsible for the company’s online marketing performance. In that case, they hire professional digital marketers to be in charge of that.

What digital marketers do

You can become a digital marketing expert with the right training and tools

These experts utilize the digital channels that a company has at its disposal; to drive brand awareness as well as lead generation. Social media, the company’s website or blog, email, search engine ranking, and also, display advertising are some of the channels that digital marketers exploit.

As a digital manager, you are to focus on key performance indicators (KPIs) relating to individual channels. They will inform you on how your company is performing with the respective channels.

For most small and medium sized businesses, there’s just one general digital marketer who handles the duty. However, with larger businesses or companies, it’s not uncommon to have specialists whose focus is for only one or two of the company’s digital channels.

For example, SEO managers can be in charge of organic traffic and getting the business to rank on Google. A Social Media Manager will be tasked with creating both visual and written content to generate impressions that would lead to shares and follows.

Digital marketing works for every business — regardless of what you’re selling or dealing in. However, it’s not an open field where you can just throw in anything and get it to work. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to becoming a digital marketing expert. However, it certainly helps to have the training and exposure to the right tools in order to succeed at it.

Digital Marketing course at Certified Ghana

Certified Ghana is one of the foremost institutions to consider for IT education in Ghana. The course taught for digital marketers is very comprehensive and relevant to getting your business visible in the 21st Century.

From learning to target specific demographics to keeping your audience engaged and interactive with fascinating content, the course teaches you to identify and maximize or nurture your channels into giving you the advantage needed to drive business. Also, you get to learn how to identify when the stage is right for implementing particular strategies.

Contact Certified Ghana

To reach Certified Ghana for further inquiries and registration, you can do so via their website, or simply send an email to info[@]certifiedghana[.]com. Contact can also be made on WhatsApp and phone using these mobile numbers +233548131314 and +233246718771.

Digital marketing is the present and the future. With it, you’re able to see results in real time in order to measure the ROI of your efforts at marketing.


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