The updated Windows 11 has some of the features that were initially missing from the new Operating System. This is because the new features of the Operating System have made it harder for older version users to easily use.

We will tackle a number of these updates and also look at a few ways to customize some of the features to mix old with new.


The taskbar in Windows 11 is a huge step back in usefulness when compared to Windows 10, but Microsoft is trying to make adjustments.

A new version being tested by Windows Insiders restores the time and date to the taskbar on secondary or multiple displays.

Windows 11 updates: taskbar and start menu Pin

It’s a welcome development for multi-monitor users, who previously had to rely on third-party programs like ElevenClock to gain this fundamental feature in Windows 11.

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Start menu in Windows 11

Windows 11 updates: taskbar and start menuPin

In addition, Microsoft is improving the Start menu in Windows 11 in several ways. In the most recent release, you may change the Start menu to show additional pins or suggestions instead.

This gives the Start menu a bit more flexibility, however many Windows 11 users are still using third-party programs.

Settings app

As part of Microsoft’s continuous push to incorporate more Control Panel options in the main Settings app, this new Windows 11 update offers further changes to the Settings app.

Advanced sharing settings (such as Network discovery, File and printer sharing, and public folder sharing) will be moved to a new page in the Settings app called Advanced Network Settings.

Other improvements

The sections in the Printers & Scanners area have also been improved, and some parts of the Control Panel will now lead Windows 11 users to the main Settings app instead.

Microsoft appears to be getting closer to ditching the Control Panel in favor of its more contemporary Settings interface.

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Customizing Windows 11 features

Third-party developers have since the introduction of Windows 11 rushed to the rescue with apps that bring back some of the features missing in Microsoft’s latest OS.


Below are some of the apps that are popularly used

Start11 app

Basic taskbar functionality was eliminated in Windows 11, including the ability to show the time and date on multiple monitors, move the taskbar to the top or sides of the screen, and even little things like changing the taskbar’s height and having tiny icons.

Many Windows users have been enraged by the changes, and the majority of the top comments in Microsoft’s Windows Insider program was against the taskbar modifications before Windows 11 was released.

The Start11 software primarily focuses on restoring traditional Start menu looks, but it also includes a lot of taskbar customization.

The taskbar’s size, position across several displays, and even what appears when you right-click on it may all be changed.

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If you miss having Task Manager available everywhere,  you right-click on the Windows 11 taskbar, Start11 can help you get it back.


While drag and drop is still unavailable in Start11, the only serious flaw is the inability to display the clock on multiple displays.

Thankfully, ElevenClock, a third-party software, comes to the rescue. ElevenClock displays the time and date on several monitors, a functionality that Windows 11 oddly lacks.

Windows 11 updates: taskbar and start menu
ElevenClock brings the time and date to every taskbar in Windows 11.

After Microsoft has announced these changes, Users of Windows 11 shouldn’t have to rely on third-party programs to restore fundamental taskbar functionality that has been included in Windows for decades, but there are various workarounds available until Microsoft solves the issue.


However, none of these features will be accessible for some months. These are part of the Dev Channel cycle of Windows 11 upgrades, and some may appear as cumulative updates in the monthly modifications Microsoft provides to the operating system.

Others may be included in the bigger yearly update for Windows 11 that Microsoft is planning.

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