The World Innovations Forum will be hosting its second WIForum Digital 2020 event on June 23 -25. The envision of the World Innovations Forum is a world where prosperity is possible in all nations, through innovation and entrepreneurship – created within each country. International Entrepreneurs, Corporate Innovators, Investors, Angels, VCs, Mentors, Co-working Spaces, Service Providers, Corporate innovation executives, Universities and Business Schools will attend the event to get insights into the global “status quo” and “quo vadis” of innovation.
Experts and speakers from Australia, Cambodia, Germany, Ghana, Indonesia, Kenya, Mexico, Nepal, Nigeria, Rwanda, Singapore, Switzerland, and Vietnam and other countries are sharing insights on innovation and entrepreneurship from their respective countries. A selection of entrepreneurs will present their startups and companies in front of international investors and VCs.
World InWIForum Digital 2020 event
The complete overview of presenters and event schedule is online available
The World Innovations Forum is a Swiss private foundation, founded by Axel and Marita Schultze, with the objectives of development of innovation and entrepreneurship in all nations, creating independent, self-propelled economies.
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