Wifi Dabba is a new company that not just provides super-fast internet, but it also gives you a chance to multiply your investment. It has divided its services into 100 different regions in Bangalore, to sell them at $20000 each. The buyers get many benefits like guaranteed revenue, fully managed services, and up to 18000 potential subscribers with this opportunity.

Why invest in Wifi Dabba?

Wifi Dabba focuses on a smoother consumer experience that increases the number of potential subscribers. Wifi Dabba uses internally designed hardware and software. They have better control over their services as compared to their competitors. Wifi Dabba focuses on four aspects.

  1. Wifi Dabba routers come with a built-in battery backup system, which is very useful in a country like India, which faces power failure issues in some parts. They have built-in apps for VPNs and Adblockers.
  2. The Dabba OS is specially designed with Mesh Networking to allow its users to roam across the Wifi Dabba network for free.
  3. Wifi Dabba provides APIs called Dabba Cloud, which is not provided by any other internet service provider in India.
  4. Wifi Dabba provides truly unlimited plans while other internet providers have a 3 TB limit on their unlimited plans.

Wifi Dabba’s existing competitors still dig roads to provide internet to different parts of the country, but Wifi Dabba does the same with its Laser Technology. The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India also supports Public Wifi Networks that don’t harm the environment. Wifi Dabba’s carbon footprint is 1000 times smaller than any other Internet provider in India. The competitors’ cost of operations will increase as the business expands. They will have to dig more and reach the new parts of the cities, but Wifi Dabba will save on its cost with its technology, resulting in offering better prices to its customers.
Indian consumers have strongly embraced digital technologies. India is one of the largest and fastest-growing markets, post-Covid 19. The pandemic has proved beneficial for the fixed-line broadband sector, which was struggling with stagnancy in subscribers for the last few years. There is a surge in broadband service subscribers due to the ongoing lockdown. Wifi Dabba is the perfect service provider, which can address the need of the hour, and is capable of providing what the consumer wants. The faster speed at a lower cost.
Shubhendu Sharma and Karam Laksham founded Wifi Dabba in 2017. They have raised venture capital from YCombinator and have a strong focus on their long-term views.
“The Wifi Dabba master plan is simple. Step one, build cheaper broadband distribution technology. Step two, Prove the tech works by connecting 1M people in a city. Step 3, Deploy to over 5,000 cities across the developing world.” – Shubhendu Sharma, Co-Founder at Wifi Dabba.
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