A few decades ago, an entrepreneur could have solely relied on their abilities to organize to run a considerably large team of employees. In most cases, one assistance, probably a secretary, worked to keep the busy man’s diary in check. While this model still works in some business environments, times have changed greatly there are now new approaches to doing business.
Team collaboration is the main driver of business success in the modern world. As such, organizations make use of various tools that enable collaboration, sharing of information, and ultimately constant communication.
A shared calendar is one of the most important tools for modern business. It not only helps to keep team members updated but also helps to review progress in achieving set goals. In the discussion that follows, we look at a few reasons why it’s important that your organization synchronizes shared calendars across devices.

To make it accessible from anywhere.

Business today can be done from the beach, from the comfort of your home, and from the remotest village on the planet. The existence of high-speed gadgets and improved technological infrastructure has greatly facilitated these developments. Hi-tech devices high internet speeds, shared calendars iPhone and better support systems have proven to be very efficient.
Synching shared calendars across devices enables your teams to work and deliver projects without the need to converge physically. This is greatly encouraged today as organizations lean more towards remote work collaboration.

Sync calendar ensures better planning

Communication plays a key role in organizational success, and a synched calendar across several devices should enhance this kind of planning.
To ensure that all teams are working towards the same vision, sharing a calendar with all involved teams becomes important. People are able to review dates, plans, and progress without missing out.
In a busy work environment, it is easy for people to miss important details when there is no proper planning. A shared calendar is a great tool to enhance better collaboration while keeping everyone updated.

It makes communication easy

Team communication is key to the success or failure of any given project. Where communication is clear and timely, you expect better execution of tasks because teams understand their specific roles and input in this project.
A synced calendar is very supportive of communication amongst teams. When such a calendar is accessible across several devices, it is even more effective and makes communication easier.
One of the beauties of this is that when changes are made, updates happen automatically, thereby carrying everyone along. Missing appointments or deadlines because of poor planning is not only embarrassing but also paints a bad picture in the eyes of your clients. This can be avoided with a shared calendar.
Bear in mind that a calendar should help you plan for long-term and short-time events. Lunch dates, dinners, exhibitions, webinars, and other events that require team participation can all be executed better through a shared calendar.

It saves time and boosts productivity

By using a shared calendar across several devices, you save on time that could have otherwise been spent in physical meetings. In some cases, there is hardly enough time to conduct physical meetings, and a shared calendar comes in handy. A shared calendar is essentially a personal assistant that is usable by a wider team for the achievement of well-defined goals.
When teams save time by using collaborative tools, they are able to work better and deliver faster on projects. The world is fast-paced today, and there is hardly enough time to do everything that we aim to. In addition, physical meetings don’t always lead to achieving the set objectives. By the end of the day, when everybody is on the same page as planned in the calendar, better results are recorded.

Enhances efficiency

Schedules and plans for various team members may be different but could be enhanced through a shared calendar. It is far much different from having to contact each individual personally to schedule meetings or give particular updates. This kind of efficiency helps an organization to achieve more even when there are limited resources.
There are several conversations in the modern organizational setup relating to enhancing efficiency. It has been sufficiently proven that collaborative tools such as synched calendars are very fruitful in improving efficiency.

Balance assignments

It’s not always easy to keep track of what employees and teams are working on, especially when they have individual tasks to complete. With a shared calendar across several devices, you have a clear picture of various tasks being performed by specific team members. You are also able to allocate new tasks when team members become free. All this can be seen through the shared calendar.


Working with a large team to deliver on projects can be a demanding task and requires proper organization. The main aim is to have tasks completed in time and within the stipulated budget. As you work to have calendars synchronized across many devices, ensure that this can be supported by the right operating systems and that everyone on board clearly understands the objective.
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