Why you need to hire a criminal lawyer?

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Why you need to hire a criminal Lawyer

Compliance with all laws and living within the framework of generally accepted rules and values ​​is a worthy choice for everyone. However, even in this case, at one far from the beautiful moment, a citizen can still be among the suspects or accused. And in order for such a nuisance to happen, it is absolutely not necessary to actually commit a crime – it is enough to be at the wrong time in the wrong place or to become a victim of a mistake or hostile intentions.

The services of a criminal lawyer are provided:

  • Citizens who have been notified of suspicion and thereby transferred to the category of suspects;
  • Persons with respect to whom an indictment has been signed, identifying them as suspects;
  • Those who received material, physical or moral damage in the course of a criminal offence to citizens whom the law defines as victims.

It doesn’t matter at all in what capacity you are involved in the criminal process. It is important that you can confidently enforce your rights only with the assistance of a lawyer at Ladan Law Orlando for the best legal advice.

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Why are the services of a criminal lawyer important?

There are no countries where the judicial system has become perfect and error-free – and this is also true of our country. And errors are inevitable in the operation of any system. Sometimes – not particularly significant, but still bring excitement and anxiety. And often – quite significant, accompanied by catastrophic consequences and breaking the fate of people.

In order not to be among those whose lives will be irreversibly destroyed due to an absurd mistake or intentional abuse, it is always important to exercise your right to defense and get an effective help of a lawyer. And it does not matter either the age of the principal, or his religious affiliation, or the sphere of work, nor his gender, or any other characteristics – the protection of his rights will be useful to any person, and there are a lot of reasons for this.

The presence of criminal lawyers at all stages of the investigation and trial motivates investigators and the judiciary to adhere to the norms of Russian law with particular accuracy. Such methods of influencing citizens as pressure, intimidation, and even threats, disappear from their arsenal because the human rights activist carefully monitors their actions.

And suppose the interrogating officer makes violations during the process of obtaining evidence. In that case, such a fact can become a good reason for the evidence to be rejected from judicial review.

The meetings and communication of the criminal lawyer with his client become not only moral support for the client and a way to avoid excessive zeal for law enforcement officers, but also allows you to develop an effective line of defence and prepare for many investigative and judicial procedures.

However, the criminal lawyer not only protects his client from possible violations of his rights but he is also actively looking for any circumstances that could demonstrate the best sides of his client, mitigate his responsibility or even lead to the fact that he will be fully acquitted.

No less important is the role of the lawyer on the side of the witness – in fact, providing his testimony, the witness is also subject to criminal liability. And this may turn out to be a change of status for him – and from a witness, he may unexpectedly turn into an accused. To prevent this from happening, the witness also needs the help of a criminal lawyer.

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