Windows has announced an all-new Windows 11, which the company is confident to describe as  “the next big thing” in terms of operating systems. Going for a new Mac-like interface, Windows 11 offers a crisp outlook with rounded corners complimenting its centred Start menu and Taskbar.

1. Integrated Android apps

One of the most exciting features is the integration of android apps on windows via the Amazon Appstore. The Amazon Appstore can be accessed using the improved Microsoft Store.

This potentially puts to best the stress of having to download emulators to enjoy the Android gaming experience on Windows. (Note: Apps will not be readily available upon the initial release of Windows 11.)

2. Improved Widgets Access

The increasingly popular widgets feature can now be readily accessed directly from the taskbar and be personalized to the user’s preference. This follows a continuous improvement pattern with the most recent one coming on the latest windows 10 update.

3. Better virtual desktop support

Windows 11 allows you to create virtual desktops as seen on the macOS. Users can switch between multiple desktops for their uses. This means you can open a desktop with work documents opened and also create one where you are enjoying your game of FIFA. How cool is that? Interestingly, you can also change your wallpaper on each virtual desktop.

4. Xbox-like Gaming Experience

Windows 11 will provide users with some of the best gaming features found in Xbox consoles, like Auto HDR and DirectStorage. This is added to improve gaming on Windows PC by giving it an Xbox feel.  For example, the DirectStorage API, allows games to load data directly into your graphics card’s memory thus, drastically reducing the games loading time.

Windows 11 is available now and can be freely accessed in the form of an update. However, there appear to be priorities given to newer devices as against older ones. Hence users with older devices would have to wait a while.

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