Why the company’s agent does in-person survey to estimate the moving quotes?

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In today’s era of technology when almost everything can be done online then why agents from companies do an in-person survey to get you the best moving quotes. You might have this question in your mind. But do you know there are some good reasons for it? Here we will discuss these reasons that will help you in knowing why agents visit in-person to tell the estimated cost of moving.

You know the majority of the cost that you need to spend is merely based on the stuff that you want to transport. Right? Apart from the stuff, the distance plays an important role when it comes to estimates the moving cost. So, the only way to know how much weight you want to pack in their truck can be done by an experienced agent. Therefore, to offer an exactly estimated cost that you need to pay, an agent will visit your home. Note that this is just an estimate, the final cost can be higher as well as lower.

So, to give the appropriate answer to the question that “how much will my move cost?” companies send their agents to your home.

Usually, a local move estimate is straight forward as compared to the long distance estimate. When it comes to long distance move, in many cases, one is not sure what to take and what to leave behind. In such a case, a company will offer you a non-binding estimate that can be higher or lower while in case, if you know what you want to take with you then the company will tell you “not to exceed” price. But it is recommended you to get a moving quote in writing.

To know the box supplies

We see our belongings in a different way than that of an agent whose job is to move all these belongings to a new location. An agent will look through all the items all around that how many boxes will be needed to pack all items. If you are in need of box storage supplies then the professional will estimate how much storage supplies are needed to pack all your belongings.

To know the weight of belongings

They will look at the items on shelves to items stored in your closets. An agent will estimate the total weight of the furniture that has to be moved along with the other entertainment items in your home. For an individual, to calculate the weight of the items having at the home is not an easy task. Therefore an agent will visit your home and will estimate the total weight of the belongings that have to be moved to a new location.

Get a more accurate estimate

However, there are a number of online companies that will offer you a cost estimate as per the details you offer to them. They will also give you an idea that how many storage boxes you will need but it is not accurate because many of us usually, underestimate the stuff we have in our houses. We usually, don’t consider all the items we own and many overestimate the stuff. Therefore the company is not able to let you know the appropriate moving cost while on the other hand, an experienced estimator will himself estimate the items you have in your home.

Get answers to your questions

In the case of an in-person survey, you can ask multiple numbers of questions to your agent. You can ask whatever you have in your mind regarding moving. Having a face to face conversation is always better than that of telephonic conversations. Right? Ask about the questions regarding paperwork, responsibility and other things that you have in your mind. Getting answers to all your questions enables you to set proper expectations regarding your moving company.

Although, when it comes to long distance moves like cross countries, it does not seems feasible to have an in-person inspection, therefore the company will give you a “not to exceed” estimate or the maximum cost. But if you want to get an accurate estimate, make sure to tell all the details clearly.

Yes, usually, reputed companies offer an in-person survey to offer higher satisfaction to their clients. If your company is also asking for the in-person survey then it is a hint that you have chosen a great moving company for you. Every move is unique, every home has a different set of items, and therefore, it becomes difficult for a company to give you an estimate without any physical inventory whether you have given a little information about your belongings.

Considering a company that does not do a physical inventory before offering you a price estimate is not a great idea. Give a red flag to all those companies who are not even matching the industry standards. If the company is not aware of the items that you have and on what basis, the company will give you an estimate? Think twice!!!


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