There is no question that sophisticated, challenging, and just utterly exciting video games have come a long way, especially since the 1970 arcade gaming scene. Moreover, as per scientific research, it has been clearly established that playing video games can provide a number of cognitive and physical advantages.
You have to understand that there is insurmountable evidence that video game in the 21st century has transformed from just being entertaining to offering a more immersive, real life experience to players. Today games are deeply story driven, demand a fair bit of hand-eye coordination, a good memory, and a fair degree of IQ. In light of this, mentioned below are some incredible reasons you should start playing games more often:

  1. Games help make productive and better surgeons

This is an incredible fact. While you might think that a neurosurgeon or a general surgeon may want to constantly stay up to date reading the latest breakthroughs and research in medical science, but you will be surprised!
According to medical research into small incision specialists (laparoscopic doctors), it was revealed that specialists that engaged in playing more video games (at least 2-3 hours every week), performed 32% better in practice compared to laparoscopic doctors who did not play any video games at all.

  1. Playing games may help people curb symptoms of dyslexia

There has been medical research that has identified that attention difficulties may be one of the key factors of triggering symptoms associated with dyslexia. As per one medical study, it was determined that dyslexics that engaged in playing games have better reading comprehension. The reason derived by many medical professionals is that action video games have rapidly changing scenarios and environment, which requires a high degree of focus.

  1. Playing video games may enhance your vision

You might have heard this parental refrain plenty of times when you were younger “Don’t sit so near to the TV”. However, you would be surprised to know that scientists discovered playing video games in moderation may very well enhance your vision, not strain it.
According to one study, ten weeks of playing games was linked to the increased capability of the player differentiating between different shades of grey. In a secondary study, researchers had people with lazy eyes play but had their good covered. It was reported that players experienced significant improvement in their lazy eye.

  1. You can become a better leader by playing games

There are plenty of components in video games that are directly associated with the leadership skills required in today’s corporate culture. For example, there are so many role-playing games where you have to make a split second decision by taking into account the overall scenario.
Moreover, there are games where you have to carefully select the best teammates to help you push through your missions. These are attributes that can also help you become a leader. You will have increased awareness of how to recruit a good team of productive professionals, you would now start to think more about how you can harness different resources, and you will be able to put together all your resources to attain your goals.

  1. Kids can become more active by playing games

Games can help kids attain a whole-body interaction. Sure, they don’t have to play games that are too complex or immersive. Even simple sports games such as soccer, baseball, basketball, puzzle games, etc. can help kids understand and learn newer skills – skills that they can implement when they go outside to play.

  1. Aging is inevitable, but playing games may slow down the process

Age is just a number; there is nothing truer than that. You see, by keeping a healthy mind and body, you could be 90 and appear 40. This is not an exaggeration. However, there is an even better way to slow down the aging process, and that is by playing brain games.
For example, there are highly immersive puzzle games you can select on unlimited gamez mo to get started. According to one research, participants 50 and older were told to play brain games for 10 hours. The results were spectacular, and the participants showed signs of cognitive improvement, improvement that lasted for a good number of years.

  1. Playing games may alleviate pain

It is highly common to keep yourself constantly distracted when you are in pain; you have to do something or the other to keep your mind off it. Alternatively, you could also pay attention to other bodily mechanisms, like playing games. However, this isn’t the only reason why playing games is good for alleviating pain.
The fact of the matter is, when you play games, you are constantly battling through different challenges, completing puzzles, and successfully ploughing through different levels. Each objective that you accomplish, no matter how hard, triggers your brain to release dopamine. This is a natural feel-good brain chemical, which can help keep you in a good mood while taking all your attention and focus off your pain.

  1. Control your cravings by playing games

If you want to kick out a bad habit, like smoking or drinking – or if you want to cut down on the calories and lose some weight, but can’t seem to control your cravings, just reach for a game controller. As per university study, it was concluded that after playing immersive puzzle games, a good amount of players reported that they did not feel like indulging in their favorite vice of choice.

  1. Video games are a good stress buster

Sure, there are games where you just want to rage quit and break your controller, yeah, those games aren’t exactly good for reducing stress. However, there are a lot of adventure and role-playing games, where you can do just about anything you want.
Take Minecraft for example, you can build anything you want in Minecraft, do absolutely anything you want. These games are good for sparking creativity, and you will completely lose track of time.

Parting thoughts

So there you go – some awesome reasons why you should video games as often as you can. They are great for when you have a lot on your mind and need an escape, or if you want to make a decision and you are under a ton of stress. Games offer a beautiful sense of freedom.
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