regular teeth cleanings

Regular teeth cleaning serves more advantage than most people care to admit. The cleanings are meant not only to remove plaque and improve the optimal health of the teeth but also to ensure that your teeth are free from tartar and to guarantee a healthier and brighter smile.

With regular teeth cleaning appointments, you get to save a lot of money on dental care as it acts as a preventative step to protecting the teeth and mouth from common conditions.

While many may appear uninterested in regular teeth cleaning, below are some of the reasons why you should visit your pennant hills dental clinic to book for the next teeth cleaning appointment.

1. Stop Cavities From Spreading

One of the biggest advantages of choosing dental cleaning is that you get to periodically get rid of dental plaques. Dental plaques are sticky, soft substances that accumulate in between the teeth over time. When not attended to, the bacteria contained in the plaque can eat into the enamel of the tooth causing it to decay. In some cases, plaques can also lead to gum diseases. The bacteria contained in plaque consume sugars and starches which are contained in the food we ingest. Upon consumption, the sugars and starch are converted into acids which erode the tooth enamel. The loss of the tooth enamel exposes it to cavities which can also lead to other conditions when not properly attended to. Plaque can also form both above and below the gum line thus capable of causing gum diseases in affected patients.

Through constant teeth cleaning appointments, plaque buildup can be combated and the teeth can be well maintained.

2. Prevents Gum Diseases

The continuous buildup of plaque and tartar in between the teeth can over time spread to the gum causing gum diseases. With the continued progression of the buildup comes the continuous erosion of the gum line leading to a receding gum line. Over time, the bacteria may be able to create a small pocket of space in the gum thus causing serious problems and an uncontrolled spread of the plaque.

When affected with this, the condition may degrade into gingivitis. Visiting a pennant hills dental clinic can however help prevent further spread as the dentist may be able to recommend teeth cleaning. With deep cleaning, the plaques and tartar below the gum line can be removed. The cleaning may also involve the surfaces of the roof of the teeth, known as root-planing, aimed at removing the bacteria collected in the gum pockets.

3. Protect General Health

A regular visit to the dentist for teeth cleaning can expose you to a reduced risk of certain diseases such as diabetes, stroke and heart-related diseases. A dentist can also, through regular appointment detect some common and uncommon dental conditions, initiate early treatment to prevent against the spread of such conditions in the mouth. Dentists, through regular teeth cleaning appointments, may be able to identify some common symptoms such as bleeding gums, dry mouth, bad breath and more, and associate them with conditions such as diabetes, thus pro-actively improving patient’s lifespan.

It is important for patients to also stop assuming that bad breath is only caused by poor dental hygiene, in certain cases, reporting to a pennant hills dental clinic can ensure that the root of the condition is determined. In certain cases, such symptoms as bad breath may be as a result of underlying medical conditions such as gum diseases. Gum inflammation can also be a sign of other oral health problems such as osteoporosis. Through proper dental procedures such as dental x-rays, it is possible for dentists to uncover these conditions.

4. Avoid More Complex Dental Treatments

Regular dental cleaning allows your dentist regular access to your teeth and oral health condition. With this, your dentist can properly monitor your oral health, administer treatments in time to protect you from more complex treatments. In the event of tooth decay, regular teeth cleaning ensures that proper treatment plan is put in place to prevent against the worsening of the condition which may lead to cavities, and tooth loss or extractions, all significantly more expensive.

Also, early detection of such conditions as decay prevents it from worsening and spreading to the more delicate areas of the teeth such as the dentin layer under the tooth. In the event of spread to these areas under the tooth, such patient may suffer infected or weakened tooth which may break or crack, leading to a more painful condition.

Regular teeth cleaning services can save you time spent in the dental clinic, money and overall discomfort associated with dental emergencies.


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