Do you know that the total number of unique mobile phone users worldwide is no less than 5.27 billion? Out of them, the number of distinctive smartphone users grew by 117 million in the last year itself?

If you look closely at the recent reports, you will know that the number of individual cell-phone users is growing speedily, accounting for 2.3 per cent per year. Besides all this, what is more surprising is that an average mobile user spends over 3 hours on their smartphone every day doing various tasks?

It includes interacting with mobile apps, browsing the internet, and chatting with friends and family members. It means you have an abundance of opportunities to draw the attention of your target audience if you have a great business mobile app.

But having just a mobile application won’t do any good for your business unless and until you ensure that it delivers an excellent user experience. It’s because, according to recent research, more than 50% of smartphone users are more likely to leave an app if they get a poor experience from it.

So, the question is how to test your mobile app before launching it? Well, that’s where you need to choose BrowserStack alternatives, if not BrowserStack.

Now the first question that might have crossed your mind right now is what BrowserStack is and why you need to choose BrowserStack alternatives, right? Let’s understand both these things one at a time:

What is BrowserStack?

BrowserStack is a leading virtual and physical product testing company that tests websites, apps, software, and smartphones across a wide range of operating systems.

Though they have gained traction in the national and international market for their testing services, there are some areas where they need improvement. It is the main reason their competitors are filling the void by utilizing the latest testing technologies and equipment and outperforming them in the target market.

Why do you need to hire BrowserStack alternatives?

There are various reasons to choose BrowserStack alternatives that you might not be knowing. Let’s see each of them in detail:

1. Global Device Infrastructure

Being a prominent smartphone manufacturer, you would always want to leverage the highest level of convenience when it comes to mobile testing. The Global Device Infrastructure for test automation by BrowserStack’s rivals provides you with precisely that.

They allow you to test your hardware and software without letting you worried about budgetary concerns, multiple test cases, geographical issues, high running costs per test, and many more similar troubles.

By leveraging the global testing facilities of BrowserStack’s opponents, you can effortlessly conduct mobile and browser testing on hundreds of thousands of real devices available in multiple locations through Wi-Fi networks or actual carriers.

2. In-Depth Performance Data

Another area where BrowserStack alternatives help you yield impressive results is the collection of essential data. To ensure your target users like your mobile app, you must figure out their pain points and resolve them as soon as possible.

So, to help you achieve that goal, the competitors of BrowserStack get you in-depth performance data such as packet, code, CDN, API, network visibility, and third-party Software Development Kits (SDKs). On the flip side, when you approach BrowserStack to get the same information, you can’t acquire extensive details that include a wide range of parameters.

3. Enterprise-Grade Appliance

An additional reason to choose alternatives of BrowserStack is that it offers a massive device farm of real devices worldwide in a fully secured environment. On the other side, the device farms of BrowserStack get shared among their clients, which eventually affects the test execution speed.

Do you know what device farms are? Then, we must inform you that it is an application testing service that allows you to enhance the quality of your cloud-based and mobile applications by testing them across myriads of browsers and real mobile devices.

4. Security

Now that you know the equipment the rivals of BrowserStack use, you must understand that they also secure your data using dedicated devices. However, you won’t get this assurance when teaming up with BrowserStack. The reason?

They provide shared devices for mobile testing in which user data gets cleared to its original condition. Still, that doesn’t guarantee that the previous data of users gets deleted completely.

Top 3 Tips You Must Keep in Mind to Enhance Your User’s Experience

1. Understand the purpose of your app

When designing your app or smartphone, you must first focus on the user interaction elements rather than the design tools. It will improve the end-user experience, and your product will compel them to engage more.

2. Make a great first impression

When you strive to create an excellent app or smartphone, ensure to make the first interaction between users and your product as seamless as possible. You can consider offering a quick interface, beautiful design elements, and only imperative information on the main page to accomplish that goal.

It will help you form a long-lasting impression in your user’s minds, and they will feel pleased using your app whenever required.

3. Design your app to support multiple platforms

Since you know that a wide range of mobile phones is currently available for sale, they differ on scores of parameters, including size, shape, features, configuration, and operating systems. So, your goal should be to design your virtual product in a specific way that runs smoothly on all cell phones with different operating systems.


We hope you now know why trusting BrowserStack alternatives is a wise decision for mobile and app testing. So, if you want to avail of mobile testing services now, get in touch with the closest competitors of BrowserStack right away.

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