Our way of life has been digitalised, and a lot of activities are now happening online. One of the things that have increased is online or sports betting. Interestingly, a lot of young ones have resorted to online games to earn money without sweating or should I say as a means to get rich quick. While the encounters are pleasant for some people, others continuously lose and most often, are debtors because they’ve ‘invested’ their money into online betting.
Sometimes, you only have to sit down and help them calculate their losses, and you will realise how frightening this has been. On the other side of the coin, most of these bettors want to pull out, but they are addicted to the game.
One thing about online betting is, once you lose, forget about the resource you’ve lost — since this is only a game for the lucky ones. The issue rises when people hold firmly to the mentality of regaining what they lose, so they stake again; borrowing or using all the money they have. The reality dawns on them when they lose; regret sets it. Yet the desire to regain their loses fuels them and before you realise, the cycle continues.
In this article, I throw a question to you, why bet and lose when you can always win? Don’t you think it’s highly possible to be a consistent victor? Stay with me as I explain what I mean.

Let’s try and understand the process;

  1. Why do you bet? The answer is obvious.
  2. Why do you continue to bet over and over when you win less than you’ve lost through online betting?
  3. Do you see this as a productive venture for your life? If yes, then I will encourage you to keep betting. If the answer is no, then please advise yourself.

There are numerous betting sites online. Some are legit; ones that help you increase your chance of winning. Others, the least said, the better. Let’s take an objective approach in trying to understand the betting process. Whatever activity it is, you stake with your resources; if your prediction comes true, you will win big or small; if it doesn’t, you lose. Most people cannot manipulate the results, so let’s just say it is a game of chance.
Other people are employed by these betting companies, so in that sense, they can feed their families and many other benefits. The risks? You can lose your fortune to betting as well as become a debtor. You can as well lose your peace of mind, and the regret and shame associated with having to deal with people who do or do not understand the betting process as you do can psychologically affect you; not forgetting your inability to save. You might not see this coming, but betting has made people rich without effort, and it has equally humbled the rich to poverty.
To this end, I say you can always win by protecting your finances at all times – don’t stake at all. When you don’t stake, you don’t lose, so you can always be on the winning side.
A friend once said you need to take the risk to be able to win big. To the right extent, successful businessmen all took risks to have a breakthrough. Let wisdom lead you, knowing you are free to take risks. But if you know you can’t afford to lose, don’t stake an amount that will cost you big in case you are unable to retrieve it. Tread wisely.
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