The simple answer to the question above is that Australians are absolutely amazing at orienting themselves. In fact, there are no words like “left” or “right” in their language, so they focus on using “North” “South” “East” and “West.”

Thanks to that, it almost feels like they have a compass installed in their brains, making Google Maps feel very useless in the country.

To break it down, if you visit North Queensland, Australia, and ask a Guugu Yimithirr speaker for direction, you will never hear words like “left” or “right” since they don’t speak that language. Instead, speakers of several aboriginal languages like Guugu Yimithirr will describe locations and directions using cardinal directions, which never rotate with them as they turn.


Rather than saying, “You’re standing in front of the JBKlutse’s main office,” they’ll say, “You’re standing North of it.” Citizens of Australia will also not ask you to move a little to the right so they can walk through the door; they’ll urge you to move a little to the East. Wow.

Google Maps clearly has no place amidst people who think like this, and to speak a language like Guugu Yimithirr, one must know where the cardinal directions are at every moment.

Watch the video above and learn more about the exciting life of Australians. Do you think any country should exist without Google Maps? Or do you agree that Australia will be fine without Google’s directions?


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