I once heard someone say that Christmas is a necessity, as it is a time to take a break from busy schedules, relax and reflect, give to others and plan for the year ahead. In case you are looking for a logistics company to help ship your items from the US or Canada to your doorstop in Ghana, or Kenya or you are looking to shop from international online retail stores, Aquantuo is the right company for you.
Literally translation as “travel”, Aquantuo is a logistics company that helps ship packages from the US and Canada to Ghana or Kenya. Best noted for their freight forwarding, customs brokerage, 3rd party haulage, distribution, warehousing, cargo supervision, packaging pick and pack services, here are three reasons why Aquantuo is all you need this Christmas.

1. Affordable and tax-free packages

You can shop for your items using your unique Aquantuo shopping address and have your package delivered to you at a tax-free rate.

2. Door to door pick-up and delivery

The company gives you assurance as they pick and deliver items from and to your doorstep. You can rely fully on their services.

3. Payment refund and a user-friendly website

Aquantuo has uniquely designed its website and mobile App to be user-friendly for easy navigation. You can make use of their price estimator to check your shipping cost as well as track your shipment.  Their payment process is such that, you get a refund if you pay for an item you have been charged for, and the company realises that it weighs less than expected.

How they work:

For your online purchases:

I. Shop online from your favourite online stores
II. At checkout, choose to ship it to your unique Aquantuo address
III. Log on to the website, tell them what you bought and pay for international shipping

In case you want to send a package:

I. Log on to the Aquantuo App, list where you want an item picked up from and sent to
II. Your item is picked up or shipped and delivered

If you are interested in buy for me or concierge:

I. Provide the URL or details on what you need help buying
II. The company confirms the item with you of which you make payment
III. Your item is purchased and upon arrival, delivers it to your international address
To avoid costly disappointments from shipping companies, allow Aquantuo to help you be in the holiday spirit by signing up with them today. Download the Aquantuo App from the Play Store or the App Store and sign up to do business with them. Visit www.aquantuo.com for more enquiries.
List your items with Aquantuo, because they will surely deliver.
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