After a long day, sleep is vital to the body’s healing. However, upper and lower back discomfort may have a severe influence on sleep quality. Using a mattress that isn’t supportive enough might exacerbate the problem and result in new aches and pains in the morning. A good mattress that supports the spine and encourages proper alignment may help relieve back discomfort while allowing for deeper, more restful sleep. 

The Sleep Foundation has examined thousands of mattresses for various performance categories. To measure how comfortable or unpleasant each mattress feels for multiple individuals, these hands-on examinations were done by a broad group of testers with different body shapes and preferred sleep positions. The testers focused on back-pain-related mattress performance characteristics such as pain/pressure reduction, support, and ease of mobility while compiling this ranking. 

We’ve put up a list of three different kinds of mattresses that may aid you with your back troubles. Choosing a Sleep Number bed over these mattresses might not be the best choice. The types of mattresses listed below have obtained the highest ratings for back pain sleepers, and each one has been given an award highlighting its best features. 

1. DreamCloud Mattress

The DreamCloud’s quilted top is made out of a foam-filled with a breathable cashmere mix cover. A comfort layer of gel-infused memory foam sits underneath this, which doesn’t retain much body heat as traditional foams.  A polyfoam transition layer follows, followed by a support core of individually wrapped coils. The DreamCloud stands out because of its broad profile, enabling it to have large comfort layers and a strong support core. As a result, DreamCloud can provide substantial pressure relief while supporting most people, independent of sleeping position or body weight. 

2. Nectar Mattress

The top layer of memory foam is one inch thick and gel-infused to avoid heat buildup. It’s quilted into a Tencel cover, which is also breathable. A third memory foam layer is 3 inches thick and designed to be somewhat stiffer and more solid than the first, eliminating the sagging that may occur with particular memory foam mattresses. 


A one-inch thick, gel-infused third layer of memory foam adds up to a total of five inches of memory foam for substantial pressure alleviation. In addition to side sleepers, the Nectar’s medium firmness is suitable for back and stomach sleepers under 230 pounds. The mattress’s robust comfort system, which comprises three independent layers of memory foam, may help ease back discomfort. While this material shrinks to embrace the body, Nectar designed the foam to prevent problems when memory foam is overly soft or too hot to sleep on. 

3. Saatva Classic

The Saatva’s support core comprises thick (13 gauge) Bonnell coils with a high-density foam surround. This combination provides a sturdy, secure base that boosts total edge support for heavier sleepers. Each micro-coil in the Saatva’s 4-inch layer is individually wrapped, which increases the mattress’s ability to conform. This layer helps to alleviate pressure while maintaining the firmness of the mattress’s support core. A Euro-top mattress has more foam and a memory foam lumbar cushion for those who suffer from lower back discomfort. 

This mattress is available from Saatva in three firmness levels, making it suitable for persons of all body types and weight distributions. In general, stomach and back sleepers over 230 pounds will benefit from the heavier model, while those who sleep on their sides benefit from the lighter type.

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