In this era of digitalisation where you find advanced technology in abundance, it can get challenging for you to decide what is best and what is not. Smartphones are growing in quantity, and with every passing year, you will find new brands emerging. Every brand is trying its level best in coming up with new features at a reasonable price. But, sometimes consumers get sceptical when they hear new names, and it can get hard for them to trust new brands. Huawei cell phones might be new in the industry, but they have a phone for every budget, and this is what makes the brand unique.
Given below are features you should look out for when you are considering to buy a new smartphone:

Battery Power

If you are someone who likes to multitask and operate different apps at the same time, then the battery is something you would want at all times. Whether you are streaming big videos or playing games or using the internet all the time, a phone that has a long-lasting battery life can be your life saviour.

Internal Memory (RAM)

The two different types of memory you will find in a smartphone are- RAM (Random Access Memory) and ROM (Read Only Memory). They define the speed with which your phone will work and how easy apps will operate. Ram establishes the speed of the phone. So a phone that has more RAM will allow you to perform difficult tasks. If you are a heavy user, you should go for a phone that has at least 3-4 GB RAM.

Read Only Memory (ROM)

ROM is the primary storage system in a smartphone where all your audios, videos, images and apps are stored. The more the internal memory in a phone, the better. ROM defines the storage. A lot of phones give you the option to expand your external memory by inserting SD cards. But, apps that are stored in the memory card might run slow.

Mega Pixels

This is the main focus of smartphone brands these days, and the camera has a lot of hype in the market. Brands are trying to outdo each other by providing cameras that have more megapixels. But, the truth is that more megapixels do not mean that you will get good quality pictures. There are other factors too, such as IOS level, the speed of autofocus and aperture which plays a vital role in providing high-quality images. If you like clicking more pictures then do not buy a smartphone whose camera is below 12 MP and aperture is higher than f/2.0.


Now you will find a lot of phones coming up with terms like “octa-core,” “quadcore,” “Snapdragon,” “MediaTek” and so on. The only thing you have to focus on is the number that has GHz with it. The higher the number, the faster the phone’s processor.

Operating System

There are nine popular types of operating system in the market, amongst which IOS and Android are universal. Choose the one you prefer the most.

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