Your car’s windshield is often forgotten about; however, it is an important part of your vehicle.  The windshield provides many practical functions to keep you safe while on the highway.  Thus, it is of critical importance that your windshield is clear while you drive.

Not to mention, it must be sturdy as it is your first line of defense against dirt, debris, and other objects.  Despite this, you may be guilty of overlooking damage on your windshield.  Common types of damage include pitting, cracks, or chips.

You may assume it’s not that important and put off having your windshield replaced due to financial worries or inconvenience; nevertheless, it is important to promptly address damage so you and yours stay safe while on the highway.  Continue reading to learn how to recognize when your windshield should be replaced.

Consider Your View

When driving, you must have quick reactions if you encounter stressful driving conditions.  When a crack, chip, pit, or discolouration obstructs your view, you may make a mistake in judgement.  You could miss seeing another vehicle beside you, fail to realize someone is stopping until it’s far too late or make another costly mistake.

When this happens, you will be faced with extensive repair costs to your vehicle, as well as the vehicle you hit.  The time, money, and frustration you incur will likely make you wish you hadn’t put off repairing your windshield.

The Link Between Pitting and Glare

Early morning and evening glare are frustrating and difficult enough on their own.  Did you know that pitted glass can exacerbate the problem?  Drivers who regularly travel long distances come into contact with a plethora of road debris, inclement weather conditions, and other contaminants that may lead to pitting in their windshield.

As time goes on, the problem will get worse.  The worse the pitting becomes, the more limited your vision will be during times of the day when the sun is producing glare as the pits themselves reflect light.  Simply put, this combination is dangerous as your visibility will be lowered.

You will also encounter problems when driving through a rainstorm as the pitting prevents rainwater from beading off as efficiently, impacting your ability to see clearly.

Don’t Lose Your Safety Features

Windshield manufacturers treat the surface with a Poly Vinyl Butral which is a coating that prevents your windshield from breaking apart when impacted.  Thus, if you are involved in a collision, that breaks your windshield, it will come apart in chunks instead of shattering dangerously.

This protects you from being seriously hurt or cut from the glass.  Thus, when discolouration/haze begins to form on your windshield, it is imperative that you have the glass replaced, as the protection film is beginning to separate, leaving you without protection.

Oh, Where Did You Go

It goes without saying, if your windshield has pieces missing, anyone and anything can easily access your car.  The elements, thieves, bugs, varmints, dirt, dust, and other contaminants may easily penetrate your vehicle if you continue to drive around without replacing your windshield.

Furthermore, with the support that the windshield provides, your vehicle’s frame may start to sag causing permanent damage to your car.

If any of the above conditions describe your vehicle, don’t delay replacing your car’s windshield today!

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