Popular chat application, WhatsApp has said that highly-forwarded messages have decreased massively since it launched fresh rules concerning it. Recall that, early March, Zuckerberg’s company revealed that it would stop people from sending “highly-forwarded” messages to prevent the spread of viral posts.
According to INDEPENDENT, the latest rules simply mean, if a message has already been sent out in bulk, users need to put more effort into forwarding it to more people. For better understanding, if a message gets forwarded till it attracts “highly-forwarded” tag, users will only be able to send it to 1 individual at a time, instead of 5 at once.

WhatsApp update forwarded messages
Photo credit: boropark24.com

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WhatsApp believes the fresh rules have been a success and the number of messages being forwarded has reduced by 70 percent. The chat platform targetted the reduction of viral messages with the new rules, as opposed to other social networks that keep making it easy for users to spread their posts as widely as they can.
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