Using the WhatsApp Desktop App has brought convenience to those who do a lot of file transfer from PC to mobile and vice versa.
Also, for those who don’t want to end the WhatsApp conversation just because they are on PC, the WhatsApp Desktop App and Whatsapp Web have come in handy.
But why access WhatsApp on PC or  Web browser when all the features are not available?
That is why you can now have access to the WhatsApp Status on PC and Web.

WhatsApp Status

At the beginning of this year, WhatsApp introduced the Status feature which works exactly like SnapChat.
If you use the WhatsApp Status feature, you have been able to post updates of videos and pictures which vanish within 24 hours; and you have also been able to view that of others.
Now, you don’t have to spend time transferring that nice picture you have on PC to your phone before you upload it as your status.  WhatsApp has added a new button next to the “New Chat” button.
whatsapp status
You can also view the status of your contacts from PC  by clicking the status icon on the top bar on the left side of WhatsApp header which opens up an overlay.
whatsapp status
When you click on a specific status update, it will open up the status and start playing immediately.
WhatsApp Web Status
To be able to use the status feature on web or desktop, you have to update your WhatsApp mobile app to the latest version and make sure that the WhatsApp Web version is 0.2.5854 or newer (Menu -> Settings -> Help).

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