WhatsApp legal action spammers 2019

Facebook messaging platform, WhatsApp is set to take legal action against whoever sends several messages from the 7th of December, 2019.

WhatsApp recently shared that they plan to put an end to the abuse of the service by spammers, who indulge in sending lots of messages to specific users.

Such moves are not allowed according to the popular chat app, and any WhatsApp user can get himself or herself banned if he or she goes against their regulations.

WhatsApp also revealed that they are even prepared to worsen the punishments.

WhatsApp legal action spammers 2019
The Star Online

Via an update to the FAQ section of its site, WhatsApp disclosed that from the 7th of December, 2019, it plans to take legal action against anybody caught using a WhatsApp account for “bulk or automated messaging.”

The company emphasized that WhatsApp is supposed to be used as a private messaging platform or for business organizations to converse with their consumers through its widely known Business app, so no one will be allowed to share spam messages.

Their words, “WhatsApp was designed for private messaging, so we’ve taken action to prevent bulk messaging and enforce limits on how WhatsApp can be used.

“We’ve also stepped up our ability to identify accounts that misuse WhatsApp, which helps us ban two million accounts globally per month.”

WhatsApp presently has over 1.5 billion active users.

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