Whatsapp has time and time again shown that they really want to stay on top as far as instant messaging is concerned.
This year, the company has introduced a number of new features which have revolutionized the instant messaging sphere for its users.
It looks like they are not done yet. Now, Whatsapp, in its new features (which are yet to be released by the way) give power to group admins.

Whatsapp Features That Give More Power To Group Admins

  • Whatsapp group admins cannot be removed from groups when the update is activated.
  • As an admin, you can disable the chat feature in the group. This will prevent all members of the group from sending messages and all forms of media to the group. The setting can only be changed every 72 hours. However, Whatsapp is going to reduce it as time goes on.
  • A new search feature will be introduced to allow all participants of the group chat to search for other participants.
  • Admins will also be enabled to use the new search feature to remove multiple members of the group at a go.
  • The administrators of the group can choose if other participants can modify details of the group.

For now all these features have been disabled. Whatsapp will release them in future.

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