new WhatsApp group chats feature

WhatsApp, just like its mother company, Facebook, is doing its best to safeguard the privacy of its users. In respect of this, the cross-platform messaging app recently rolled out a feature that prevents unknown contacts from adding you to their groups —groups you didn’t ask for.

If it ever happened to you, then you know how annoying this could be. You will be minding your own business and then boom! Some unfamiliar messages start rushing through your screen. You open and find a group you don’t recognise.

You go through the group chat and realise you don’t recognise anyone in that chat. That is when you realise some unknown person somehow got your number and added you to that group, of course without your concern.

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Well, those days may finally be over with the introduction of the new feature. This feature from WhatsApp is in the form of a new setting that lets you choose who can add you to group chats. Yes, it’s just that simple.
Now, let’s see how to enable it.

new WhatsApp group chats feature

How to prevent unknown people from adding you to random groups

It is worth pointing that you would have to update your WhatsApp Messenger before you can use this feature.

  • Open WhatsApp on your phone.
  • Move on to Settings > Accounts > Privacy.
  • Tap on Groups.
  • Now, you can select the option that will be okay for you. The “Nobody” option will notify the person adding you to send a group chat invitation that you can approve first. The meaning of the options is explained below.
    • Everyone: Anyone can add you to a group without an invitation. I’m not sure you’ll select this option if you’re really trying to avoid the problem why WhatsApp brought this feature. The two other options would be best.
    • My contacts: Only your contacts can add you to a group without an invitation.
    • Nobody: For this, anyone is prevented from adding you to a group without an invitation first sending an invitation.
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WhatsApp is rolling out this feature gradually, though some users already have it. In a few weeks, it will be available globally.


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