WhatsApp still hasn’t introduced the dark mode functionality in its stable version but the feature is now available on the beta version of WhatsApp.

The dark mode feature was one of the most talked-about features in 2019 with Apple introducing it in iOS 13 and Google also bringing it in Android 10.

WhatsApp dark mode (Beta version)

Facebook has been playing around the introduction of dark mode all throughout last year and it’s not clear when the feature will appear on the stable version of WhatsApp. The dark mode on WhatsApp Beta changes the app’s background to a darker interface but not entirely black as the dark mode on iOS 13. This can be described as having a dark grey colour.

ios 13 dark mode
iOS 13 dark mode (system-wide)

To enjoy this feature, there are two things to do: get the beta version of WhatsApp for Android or just wait until the feature is rolled out on the stable WhatsApp app. For the WhatsApp beta app, you’d have to sign up for the beta testing.

With the introduction of a dark mode on WhatsApp beta, let’s only remain hopeful that the feature will soon be made ready for public rollout.

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