WhatsApp Business, the business-oriented subsidiary of the traditional WhatsApp mobile application, was introduced a few years ago. Despite its introduction to aid facilitate the online interactions of businesses; many Ghanaian small businesses are seemingly yet to realise its full potential.
From where I sit, what I mostly hear people ask about the app is; what distinguishes it from the normal WhatsApp? This question was triggered by the fact that both apps have almost the same features and functionalities.
Therefore, most of them, including some business owners I have interacted with, use the app just as a means to use two different phone numbers on the same mobile device for WhatsApp. I see this as an underutilisation, to say the least, of the numerous additional functions deployed onto this app.
However, with this simple guide into the various features of WhatsApp business, you can now begin enjoying the full benefits of the app. This will go a long way to help you expedite the growth of your business.
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Business Profile

With WhatsApp Business, you can create a business profile that perfectly suits your business. Unlike WhatsApp, this gives you additional features to add your address, business description, email address, and your business website.
With this, your potential customers do not just get to see only your business name before chatting with you, but they get to know the kind of business you are running, the services you offer, and even how they can find you. So now tell me, is that not a much convenient way to keep your customers adequately informed about your business?

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After introducing your business to the potential customer via your business profile, WhatsApp Business then allows you to blow them away with a beautiful display of your products. A catalog is a feature where you get to place photos of your products with their price tags.
Thus, a product-showcasing feature that allows your potential customer a look into what he or she should expect from your business.
A little advice; always make sure the products you display in your catalog are the best among all your products. You do not want to lose customers even before they get to announce their interest.


Quick Replies

One other feature that I love about WhatsApp business is the Quick Replies feature. I used that a lot on Facebook and Instagram, so getting to do the same on WhatsApp, was such a pleasure. It allows presetting automated instant replies to your customers.
Though this may not adequately address the customer’s message, it serves as an intermediate before you finally come in. You can use this as a means to officially welcome them to your business, “Hello, you are warmly welcome to JBKlutse Media”.
However, you may also proceed to set it up to inquire from the customer, what exactly he or she wants. Alternatively, you can ask them to leave a message behind.
The most useful part is, the app can automatically detect if you are not readily available and ensures the customer you would attend to them as soon as you are back. This happens if your scheduled open hours are over or when you are offline.

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Last but not least, WhatsApp business also provides you with this impressive feature, which helps you sort out your business contacts. It allows you to categorise your customers into categories like New customer, New Order, Pending payment, Paid, or Order complete. Moreover, the best part is you can even add your category of contacts.
Therefore, right after chatting with that new customer, you can put him or her into one of those categories of chats dubbed labels.
Finally, though all these features provide a fertile ground for your business to flourish, you first need to publish your WhatsApp business contact to hit the ground running. Social media can ideally help you do that.
That is why I recommend you create a Facebook page for your business and add your contact to the WhatsApp button. This can also be done with the Linked Accounts feature on the Whatsapp Business app.
Subsequently, you should run Facebook ads with your WhatsApp business contact to increase the number of people who get to see your products and may reach out to you for a purchase.
Since WhatsApp business also has a Short Links feature, you can always add the short link of your WhatsApp to all your social media posts. Customers can instantly start a chat with you on WhatsApp as soon as they click on the short link.

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Speaking of flaws, I have not yet noticed any. Nevertheless, if you have come across any, kindly drop that in the comment box so we can update you on how you can get it solved or curtailed.
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