WhatsApp is banning people who use modified versions of the app

WhatsApp is banning people who use modified versions of the app. Such WhatsApp mods include GB WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus

World’s popular messaging app, WhatsApp, since bought by Facebook, has been doing all it could to maintain the security and privacy of its users. Recently, some WhatsApp users have been hit with temporary bans. Those users were also warned that all their chat history could be wiped out.
WhatsApp is doing this to sound a warning to ban those using the modified versions of the messaging app. Anyone who uses the cloned versions of the official app could be banned.

These apps are actually made by some other people, other than WhatsApp itself. Some of those offending apps include GB WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus. These apps can be downloaded from Google PlayStore, just like the official one. So, not everybody would know if they are official apps from WhatsApp itself or not.

Thus, WhatsApp has cautioned everybody who suspects their app isn’t official to back up their chat history, so they don’t lose it when they switch to the genuine WhatsApp.

In the announcement via its FAQ section, WhatsApp warns that those modified WhatsApp apps can’t be trusted.

“Unsupported apps, such as WhatsApp Plus and GB WhatsApp, are altered versions of WhatsApp…. These unofficial apps are developed by third parties and violate our Terms of Service. WhatsApp doesn’t support these third-party apps because we can’t validate their security practices.”

How to know if you’re using modified WhatsApp or not

To know what kind of WhatApp you are using:

  1. Open your WhatsApp and press More options
  2. Then press Settings
  3. Now hit on Help, then you tap App info.

Back up your chat history if you are using a modified version of WhatsApp

If you’re using WhatsApp Plus, your chat history is probably safe and should back up automatically. Though, it could be otherwise. If you’re using GB WhatsApp, you would need to follow these steps to back up, which was found on their own FAQ section.

Wait for your temporary ban to end. The timer will show you the length of the ban.

In GB WhatsApp, tap More options —> Chats > Back up chats. ‘Go to Phone Settings —> tap Storage —> Files.

Find the folder GB WhatsApp and tap and hold to select it.

In the upper right corner tap More —> Rename and rename the folder to “WhatsApp”.

Navigate to the Play Store and download the official WhatsApp app.

On the Backup found screen, tap Restore —> Next. ‘WhatsApp should load with your existing chats.

Just get the original app

In the announcement by WhatsApp, it strongly warns that users should switch back to the official app if they got an in-app message saying their account was “temporarily banned”.

“If you received an in-app message stating your account is ‘temporarily banned” this means that you’re likely using an unsupported version of WhatsApp instead of the official WhatsApp app…. If this is the case, you must download the official app to continue using WhatsApp.”

There is no cause for alarm if you have also received this message. Just delete the modified version and download the original WhatsApp from Google Play Store.

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