Whatsapp banking: A step into the future of finance and customer service, tech news ghana

Earlier this year in January, instant messaging tech company, WhatsApp, launched a new product– WhatsApp Business, to help small businesses connect their customers in real time. The product was intended to make it easier for businesses to respond to customers, while creating an effective online presence for small businesses across the globe.

Fast forward to September of the same year and three banks in Nigeria introduced WhatsApp Banking into their digital banking services.

The three; UBA, First Bank of Nigeria, and GT Bank made the service available so their customers can be able to open new accounts, check their balances on the go, and carry out basic banking services in real time,

In the age of social media, people all around the world connect with small businesses they care about via WhatsApp — either to give feedback on a product they purchased, or to make inquiries about a service they have interest in.

Evolving technology has changed the world we live in such that each day, there are new and efficient approaches being churned out to fulfill everyday services. And the good thing is that, you don’t need to be an inventor. You only need to find what works for you and carve out a niche for yourself.

WhatsApp Business was developed to make it easier for companies to connect with customers. What these banks have succeeded in doing is to bring customer service to clients — at the clients’ convenience. Add that to the increasing popularity of mobile transactions (mobile money, etc.) and there will be less trips to banking halls.

In a technology-driven world, the future is just a second away; and it’s great witnessing how well Africa’s participants are catching on.

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