Everybody dreams while they sleep; only that most people don’t remember. At times, the dreams may seem silly and far-fetched, while at other times, they can be fearful and disturbing. You may also have one dream of repeating itself over and over again.

Yet, we can’t help but try and put meaning to our dreams. Are they just mindless byproducts of sleep or do they actually mean anything?
For a long time, scientists have tried to figure out why we dream, but they still haven’t come up with a concrete reason to why we do that. One thing is for certain, however, dreams are doors to our subconscious. They force us to see things that we would rather not face while we are awake.

This is why dreaming is important. Nonetheless, they are usually hard to decipher. This article will discuss the interpretations of some common dreams so you can get an idea of what your dreams are trying to tell you, and meaningful psychic reading online at Peninsuladailynews.com.

1. Dreams of Intimacy

dreams of intimacy
Have you ever had a dream where you were having intimate relations with someone else other than your partner? Chances are you felt quite guilty about it, but it is nothing to be ashamed about as it can happen to anyone.
Nonetheless, it does not necessarily mean that your carnal desires are what influence sexual dreams. Contrary, such dreams might symbolize the need for some type of wish fulfilment.
Nevertheless, depending on who is the star of these subconscious escapades, they may also symbolize some bad habits you might be repeating unknowingly, a lack of self-esteem, or qualities you are attracted to in an individual you just met.

2. Dreams about Falling

dreams of falling
Falling can be interpreted as failing in a certain endeavour or quite literally losing control. This type of dream is usually common in people facing difficulties in their professional life, relationships, or some other area of their life.

3. Recurring Nightmares

Victims of traumatic experiences, veterans, and war survivors are some common examples of people who usually experience these types of dreams. However, regular people may have these types of dreams as well. It could be something that you deeply fear and it needs addressing. This will take some soul searching in order to put a face or name to that nightmare. Doing this is the first step towards overcoming that fear.

4. Dreams about Flying

A dream about flying is often indicative of a feeling of liberation. You have transcended old issues and are finding solutions to problems that have been bothering you for a while. Nonetheless, were you soaring high or were you struggling to get off the ground? Soaring high could be interpreted as already found the solutions and using them to reach higher ground while struggling to get off the ground could be seen as needing to work on the solution further to fine tune it.

5. Dreams about Being Back in School

This is one of the most common dreams. Long after you have graduated, you dream that you are back in class about to take a test that you are completely unprepared for. Sounds familiar?
Think of the classroom as a symbolic manifestation of your life. The exam, therefore, is a challenge, obstacle, or actual test that you are facing or are about to face in life.
Thus, if you are having problems with the test or are not feeling like you are prepared for it, it could signify that you are not well prepared to handle either the thing that you are trying to accomplish or the obstacles that life is about to throw at you.
Conversely, if your dream about going back to school has nothing to do with taking a test, the dream could be interpreted as there’s a lesson that you have forgotten and you need to remember as it is what is going to help you through what you are dealing with.

6. Dreams about Dying

This is one that you shouldn’t take literally. Dreams about death are usually indicative of fear or even desire of seeing something end. This could be a relationship, job, or any other thing that is consuming you.
This dream could also signify the end of a certain phase in your life and that you are ready to embark on another.

7. Dreams about Nudity

Such a dream is usually reflective of your vulnerability and your fear of being analyzed or judged. Stan Millhouse, a psychic at Psychic 2 Tarot, says that if you’re dreaming about being in the nude, it could mean that you’re scared of revealing your ‘naked truth’ or that you’re feeling very liberated.

8. Dream about Teeth Falling Out

Teeth have traditionally been regarded as symbols of strength and longevity. Therefore, a dream about teeth falling out could be interpreted as a signal of poor health, fear of ageing, feelings of unattractiveness, or loss of power.

9. Dream about Driving

When you have such a dream, the road could be indicative of your current circumstances in life. Are you flowing or are you stuck in traffic? If you are the one driving, it means that you are in control of the way your life turns out. However, if someone else is driving, it likely means that they are controlling you. Think about who that could be and pay close attention to them.

10. Dream about Being Chased

This is another commonly reported dream, usually because of that brief moment of fear or panic, one feels when one wake.
This dream could be interpreted as you being afraid or avoiding something that you are afraid to face. Another interpretation is that you are in denial about something you have done. If you are the one chasing, you might be looking to overcome an obstacle in your life.
Dreams are powerful. They are products of our subconscious, the part of us that looks at things without bias, and it could be trying to tell you something. This is why you need to take them seriously. Consider having a journal where you document your dreams when they are still fresh in the mind then look whether you can see a pattern. Once you begin understanding your dreams, happenings in your life will start making more sense.

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