You will be shocked when you know your birth month personality. Let’s dazzle you. See What your birth month says about you:
1. January: People born in this month have strong ethics regarding work and they are always ready to voice out their opinions.
2. February: Relationships are key to them and they have lots of empathy for others.
3. March: They are very lucky people. You will mostly see them in the right place at the right time. They can make lots of money and can also lose too much cash quickly.
4. April: They are active, dynamic, and decisive. They are quite regretful too.
5. May: People born in this month are talented musicians, movie stars, writers and so on. They are very creative.
6. June: They are generally polite but they talk too much. They could be quite temperamental as well.
7. July: They do not joke with family.
8. August: They get sick from working so hard. They are too generous and have lots of ego.
9. September: They are intelligent and spiritual. They easily get depressed too.
10. October: They are very lucky too. When they set their mind on something, they achieve it. They love arguing too.
11. November: They are generally positive. They are also an inspiration for others.
12. December: People born in this month are stable. Their strong luck makes them rich and they love to love. They tend to get overconfident about themselves sometimes which leads to them taking unnecessary risks.

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