If you own a Huawei phone, you need to know this!

USA’s trade war with China led to Google suspending its working relationship with Chinese phone company, Huawei.

Meaning, Huawei will now be unable to provide new customers access to Google’s Android OS and present Huawei owners will, henceforth, be unable to download future Android system updates.

Being the local mobile content and apps industry representative body, SA’s Wireless Application Service Providers’ Association (WASPA) recently revealed that they will make sure they aid and educate consumers on how Google’s decision will affect these concerned and even reveal future solutions for the African continent.

If you own a Huawei phone, you need to know this! 1

WASPA Board Member, Michiel Huisamen, was quoted as saying, “Consumers cannot return their Huawei phones to local network operators or retailers because these firms are protected by the legal concept of ‘force major’ which simply means sellers cannot be held liable for external events out of their immediate control.”

However, there is a little something local phone owners, who wish to keep enjoying WASPA’s member-developed content and apps on their Huawei devices, can be happy about.

First things first, Huawei has been given a kind of delayed punishment in the form of a 3-month Android license. Plus, Huawei has been improving its personal OS in recent years. Google also disclosed that every Huawei phone presently in use can still access to the Play Store, meaning, app updates will not stop.

If you own a Huawei phone, you need to know this! 2

Lastly, Huawei can update their current devices to the open source version of Android which is not affected by the trade war battle between America and China. Sadly though, applications such as Mail, YouTube and Google Maps will only be explored through a web browser when that happens.

WASPA said, “Huawei users in South Africa should rest assured – for now – that the company will continue to provide after-sales service on its handsets. Security and app updates will also continue to be pushed out to Huawei smartphones to at least 19 August 2019.”

On a solution to this present Huawei drama that will help us in the long run, it is best for local phone users to keep enjoying global mobile tech option and also aid the development of tech in Africa.


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