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Live streaming hasn’t been with us for quite a while, but then, it is gaining attention and traction especially for those who are looking out for innovative and new ways to be able to deliver content. The baby driver streaming just proved that the industry is projected to go sky high in the coming years.

Why Live Streaming?

Users Consume Content On Your Time And Not On Their Time

The most powerful and biggest advantage of doing live streaming is that the viewers are able to consume content based on your time, and not on their time. This means that, those who viewed baby driver streaming, did so because they cared about it, about the brand, and that they found the content to be useful. You are in a sense only targeting content at people who are going to most likely convert and follow you. That is something only live streaming can do, that other marketing channels cannot.

It Is Not Overcrowded Yet

Just like with any other digital marketing tool, there will come a time when the live streaming will become overcrowded. Though at the moment it hasn’t reached that point yet, from the trend, it is gaining traction very fast and people tend to be using it more often on a daily basis. So if you are interested in reaching your target audience through video, it is best that you do it now.

Reaching Niches Which Are Highly Targeted

It requires commitment from your followers in order to view live streams due to the fact that, they have to tune in at your time regardless of whether it is best for them or not. On the other hand, the unrelated audience will be kept away. It is also very unlikely that those who are not interested in your topic will join your conversation.

It Is Cheap

Live streaming is cheap due to the fact that it is free of charge. You don’t need to have any special software, equipment, or hardware for you to get started. All you need is a laptop or a smartphone in order to get started as long as it has a camera and an account which is active with the platform. You will be able to access live streaming with just a click.

Production Is Fast

It takes roughly 2 hours to be able to write a 500-word blog and between 4-8 hours to be able to produce a 2000 words blog. While the posts cannot be considered to be comprehensive and will not be in a position to generate enough exposure, it can be read easily in 3 minutes. When it comes to traditional video production, this varies as it will take 2 to 3 hours to create a 500 vlog. Producing a 4-minute live streaming video will only take 4 minutes.

Real-Time Engagement

Live streaming is making a dent in the content marketing since it has the ability to offer real-time user engagement and at the same time gives direct conversation with the influence.

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