Bluetooth headphones are very convenient ways of listening to music with your mobile device. It saves you the headache of having to play with a lot of cables when enjoying your tunes while moving about. Buying a bluetooth headset is quite tricky. In the abundance of brands, finding a good one may be a herculean task.
One important thing you shouldn’t miss is the need to know what you want in a bluetooth headset before you decide on the one to select. Experts — both pro and amateur — usually tell you why they think something like a particular pair of Bluetooth headphones are the best. Most times you’ll be able to decide if the things they think are important are things you think are important and buying on a recommendation usually works out. But we’ve got a few things you can consider before making that big move if you are someone who likes to research before buying a product.

Your comfort matters

Your choice of a headset should match your lifestyle — it really makes a big difference. If you are someone who does a lot of moving around, working out ET AL, your ideal headset is different from someone who sits behind his laptop all day. Decide which style of headphone you want — Bluetooth headphones come as earbuds, on-ear, over-ear, open back and almost every other style that wired headphones use. Just think about your use and go for it!
Once that is done, you need to know which one fix your specs. Some of them pop-out, some of the over-ear headphones can feel heavy or clamp your head too tightly. Consider reading the reviews of a product before going in for it.


The following thing to search for is to what extent the battery will last and how effectively they charge.
There is nothing amiss with a couple of earphones that will just get five hours of utilization from a charge, if you won’t have to utilize them longer than five hours at an extend — and they don’t hurt your head while doing it. In any case, on the off chance that you require a couple to last all of your day in addition to a drive, for instance, that is not going to work.
Look at the packaging or the product’s website to see what the people who make them say, then knock off about 15% of the times they give. Also, reviews will quickly tell you if the manufacturer is grossly over-estimating the battery life.


How they look is important but what they do is more important. There are a few features that you’ll actually need to be able to feel the real use of the device.

  • Having one with a more current Bluetooth version is is important. If it doesn’t support Bluetooth 4.2. Android supports it fully, then don’t buy it. Besides Internet of Things connectivity improvements, 4.2 brought some critical security features. While nobody will hack your headphones, seeing no wires means they know that your phone has Bluetooth turned on and this may lead them to steal vital information from your phone.
  • aptX is a set of audio codec compression algorithms from Qualcomm. Bluetooth isn’t a very fast wireless connection, so the files get an extra layer of compression. Your Bluetooth headphones will need to decompress the data and play it back. aptX does a really good job with this. Your phone may not support aptX, but it’s a wise decision to look for it anyway because your car or your laptop might.
  • Noise cancellation is also considered by some people. If you are one of them, don’t hesitate to go in for active (powered) noise cancellation. A tight fit and thick foam pads can muffle a lot of sounds, but that’s not a substitute.


You no what sounds right in your ears, don’t you? Before you set out to buy that headphone you crave so much for, ensure that you’ve read some reviews on it. If a lot of people say it’s good, then it sure is.
Chances are, a good pair of Bluetooth 4.2 headphones with aptX support (with a phone that has the license to use it) will sound plenty good enough for most people under most conditions.
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