In a bid to unveil the various gaming groups in Ghana, we have had exclusives with several of the groups over the past few months. We caught up with the President of Pyria gaming, Stephen Aggor, to speak to him on the very foundations of Pyria gaming and what their mission is. Let’s find out…

About Pyria gaming

President: It’s an organization focused on promoting eSports in Ghana primarily. Its sole purpose is to be able to spread the gospel of esports across Ghana with industries and individuals alike.
It’s supposed to show benefits and provide benefits to all game groups and factions across the country. Thirdly we want to be able to create a Utopia where these different factions and individuals can come together to participate in whichever competition regarding the events in games that they prefer and be able to represent the country as a whole outside the international face.
Priya gaming actually started two years ago, that is in 2016, and that’s after I had cased around and supported lots of gaming events and gaming groups across the country and finally decided that there was a key niche when it came to gaming and eSports and I will like Pyria to be able to harness the benefits from that niche and be able to provide the same benefits I explained to you before to individuals and groups.

Events organized by Pyria gaming

President: So, Priya gaming like I said started two years ago, but we actually started working on activities just last year. So far we are proud to have started the likes of King of the week, which we used to run far back in July throughout to December.
We also, not as ourselves, but we also participated in the supporting events of other game groups like playbox, and others such as the recent gamer fest in 2018.
Of course, we also a proud member of eSports Association Ghana so we also support  in any of the activities that they have to host which again includes the recent RepUrJersey.
There is an upcoming event for Priya gaming which is the Priya League. It is supposed to be running every quarter of the year, but that’s going to be a major league system that would actually jump on all the studies that we’ve done in terms of these eSports and the project is exactly to understand how much people want to be involved in it.


President: One major challenge is that again with the country that we live in  we are only restricted based on people’s favorite. That is another thing that hinders the growth of eSports currently in the country. To be able to break that deadlock we choose not to be defined by that a single or favorite genre. We choose to break out and play international favorite which normally includes mobile app gaming, online first person shooter to multi action shooter gaming. Those are areas currently lacking in the country and we are introducing that to the already exiting favorite that you said.
We actually play everything that we can lay our hands on because the groups that we support and  the  factions that we supports have an endless stream of specialty that we want to be able to contain.

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