While you can avoid some dogs from biting you, sometimes this is not possible. In such cases, after a dog bite and it injuries you, you need to get proper medical care. Remember to be calm and try to stop the bleeding with a clean garment before getting medical help.
For legal purposes, make sure that you collect information at the scene of the accident. So a family member or friend can help you collect this information if you have been injured. This post discusses in detail what you must do after a dog bite for legal purposes.

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Collect evidence of the dog bite

It can be traumatizing to experience a dog bite when you least expected it. Regardless of the situation, it’s important to collect as much information as possible. Below are some of the things you need to do following a dog bite:

Collect details and witness statements

Following a dog bite, make sure that you identify the dog’s owner. So take note of the dog owner’s name, telephone numbers, address, and ID number. Besides this, ask for the contact details of the witnesses and you may also ask them to write a detailed description of the accident. Determine the dog’s breed and whether it has an aggressive history or not.

Photograph the evidence

This is another crucial piece of evidence that you need to gather. Hence, ensure that you take pictures of the dog bites, the dog, and the scene of the incident.
In short, record everything that relates to the dog attack like blood-stained or ripped clothing, open gate, or dilapidated fence that may have allowed the dog to come out of its home. You can also video the dog, especially if it’s still behaving aggressively as long as it’s properly restrained or behind a fence.


Medical records

When you see your doctor for treatment of your injuries, ask your doctor to give you copies of the medical reports and records. These should give details of your injuries and keep payment records that you made.

Report to the police

In case of severe injuries, it’s a good idea to report the dog attack to the police station. You need to provide a detailed account of the incident, meaning you should tell them how, when, and where the dog attack happened.

Filing a dog bite claim

When you take care of your medical needs and choose to file a lawsuit, you must follow some of the important steps. These include speaking with a Phoenix dog bite lawyer following the incident. You should explain to your lawyer what transpired to get a dog bite as this can help them understand and build a case on your behalf.
The good news is that your dog bite attorney can negotiate a settlement with the at-fault party. As you can see, you need to have an experienced attorney who can represent you at every stage of the process so that you can get fair compensation.
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