When your iPhone freezes, you can never think of a quick solution on the spot, can you?

People like to buy the new iPhone as soon as it comes out, because of its shape and features. However, like every other phone, there are problems that an iPhone can face as well. For example, sometimes the screen of your iPhone may totally go blank, and you might consider it as a broken iPhone. However, you should not panic in such a situation and should search for quick steps that can bring it iPhone won’t turn on back to functioning. For a quick fix, you have come to the right article!

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What do You do?

Your first instinct, when something like this happens is to charge the phone right away. However, even though the iPhone’s battery has issues, this might not be the real problem. This is why you should look for other alternatives.

For example, you should first try to find out if your charger is even working or not. At times, the iPhone charger becomes useless and we don’t know that right away. We try every power socket in our house, but it still doesn’t charges and we further damage the jack of the iPhone in the process.

Fix the system:

You need the help of an expert when your iPhone doesn’t start and gives you a blank screen. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to go to an expert and pay them for their services. This means that you can use the iSkysoft Repair toolbox, which makes your life easier and gives you your iPhone back, in a functioning position.

ISkysoft recovery:

In case you are not able to access iSkysoft Repair toolbox, then you should consider using iSkysoft Recovery. iSkysoft is a name in which you can trust and expect it to solve your problems, in case your iPhone freezes or completely shuts down.

This very iSkysoft Recovery tool is developed for the purpose of fixing problems, like a white screen, frequent restart of the phone, iPhone black screen or if the iPhone is stuck in a DFU mode or recovery mode. The reason why this software is recommended this much is that it is easy to use, and it can easily unfreeze your phone if you follow all the necessary steps that it shows.

Hard reset:

If you have restarted your iPhone, but it doesn’t work, then you need to go for hard resetting. However, you need to know that by hard reset, you may lose all the data that is in its memory but not the storage. The first thing you need to do, if you want to hard reset is pressed the power button and the home button at the same time.

Then hold these two for 10 seconds; if something does happen when you’re holding both the buttons, and then know that you have found the solution you are looking for.

If nothing happens, then keep holding the two buttons and when the Apple logo appears, it means that the hard reset has taken place and your phone is back to functioning properly.

Restore using iTunes:

This is not a very popular method, because many find it very confusing and frustrating at the same time. However, if you want to recover your phone in a normal state, then connect your phone’s USB cable with a connecting port, but don’t plug that into your computer.

When you press the home button, keep on pressing it and then connect the USB to the computer. Then, you should open iTunes; chose the recovery mode and that will restore your iPhone.


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