Every year, lots of women are expected to be diagnosed with breast cancer. Meaning lots of husbands will have to step up and become a caregiver. Supporting her is key during this period since treatment always causes physical, psychological, and emotional issues.
1. Monitor drug use: You can help to keep a calendar of visits and help monitor the use of medication.
2. Practical assistance: Practical help is key when a patient suffers from a chemo brain which results in forgetfulness. That extra set of eyes and ears is needed.
3. Help her cope with fatigue: Women who have cancer fatigue will sleep 8 hours and might still feel really tired. It is the duty of the man to know this is not ordinary tiredness.
4. Do not be her doctor: Report any issue to a doctor, stay away from labeling them yourself, especially in front of her.
5. Sex: Painful intercourse and reduced libido are often reported during and after breast cancer treatment. The men must be aware of this.

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