Some people are just difficult to shop for. However, we can help. If you cannot mention one thing someone likes, just try to think about what they hate instead. Then buy something to make them hate it less. See What to buy for someone who is impossible to shop for?:
1. The person who hates flying: Does this person hate flying because they are just scared? Then a weighted blanket would be good for the anxiety.
2. The person who detests germs: A LifeStraw Home Pitcher can be useful here. It gets rid of bacteria, parasites, micro-plastics and so on.
3. The person who hates hotels: A sleep mask and earplug set will work wonders. This will make a hotel experience better.
4. The one who hates anything tech: A instant-print digital camera will be useful here.
5. The person who hates traffic: You can get them a subscription to audible, Amazon’s audiobook service, so they can keep themselves busy while stuck in traffic.

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