There is no way you can visit Ireland without spending some time in a bar. This country is renowned for its pubs, and the Irish people are socialized to drinking for leisure and as a relaxation activity. Alcohol intoxication in Ireland is an accepted behaviour, where social and binge drinking is the norm. It is important to note that drinking is a social activity and one that is widely accepted in this culture.
Moreover, alcohol is affordable and available throughout the country as selling hours are longer compared to other countries. Thus, Ireland has many intriguing hangout places. Here is a list of four pubs to visit while travelling to Ireland:

1. The Shelbourne Bar, Cork

Your most pressing worry right now would be, “What are the best trips to Ireland?” Shelbourne Bar is a pub you just have to tour before leaving Ireland. This bar has the best and largest selections of Irish whiskey. There are over 300 different whiskey flavours served in this bar. In 2018, it was even named ‘Whiskey Bar of the Year’ during an award event by The Dubliner Whiskey. Every brand has its own story. Therefore, with any whiskey brand that you select, you will enjoy a narration of its history from the bartender.

2. Token Bar, Dublin

If you are looking for a fun place to drink in, then Token is the place to visit. They have different awesome old-school arcade games like Tetris that you can play. It is the ideal place for a fun and entertaining evening when visiting Dublin. Token is also a restaurant, so you can drink and eat the high-end fast foods with a restaurant twist to it. The service in Token is wonderful as the staff members are warm and welcoming. This bar serves drinks at reasonable prices, and game tokens are quite affordable.

3. Sean’s Bar, Athlone

Have you been looking for some history adventure? Sean’s bar in Athlone is the place to visit. This pub was named as ‘Ireland’s Oldest Bar’ in 2004 by the Guinness Book of World Records. You do not want to miss this tourist destination. It is quite a unique bar. Its floor is covered in sawdust and has old-style open turf fireplaces. When this pub was renovated, some parts of the original wattle and daub wall and coins were found. Some of them are stored at the National Museum where you will get to see a part of what the bar was made of back in 900 AD.

4. The Hacienda Bar, Dublin

This is a unique bar. You may end up overlooking the place thinking that it is closed. You have to ring a doorbell then be ushered in by the owner. If you are craving for a totally new place to drink for long hours without getting bored, then the Hacienda bar is your best pick. You will have drinks and some company to play pool with. It has the best atmosphere. This cool secret hangout spot plays some nice music and is dim lit. This bar is open from 8 p.m. Here, you can also play darts and pool.

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