Web hosting essentials

Choosing the right web hosting for you can be a challenge, as there are many options out there with varying levels of features. It can be an overwhelming task if you are just starting out. However, if you sit down and think about the things you really need from a web host, you can make the job easier.

Here’s our guide to web hosting essentials and start-up tips:

Know the hosting providers

The very first step in choosing web hosting is to know what is out there. This is one of the hardest parts of the job because of the sheer amount of choices there are out there. You need to do your due diligence and assess each and every provider you come across to see if their business model works for you. You should also check Mangomatter media for their great review of many web hosts. Once you’ve narrowed down your list you can start thinking about features.

Look for WordPress support

One of the best tools for new developers and designers is WordPress. This content management solution allows you to start a website with minimal effort, allowing you to customize and modify parts of the website as you see fit. Not only that, but WordPress offers you the ability to develop a theme for your website in an easy way that can be edited while you’re looking at the website. WordPress can make your life so much easier, so look for support in order to get your website started quickly.

Estimate your traffic

There are going to be many web hosts out there that offer varying levels of hosting space and bandwidth, all at a premium. If you overestimate the amount of traffic you are going to have at first, you will see yourself paying a high price for these resources when you aren’t even using all of them. In the early days, your website will be smaller, so finding a web host that will allow you to upgrade your hosting package as you go is something you need to consider. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck with a product you aren’t really using, which will lose you money.

Look for good customer service

One of the most important features of a good web host is one that provides excellent customer service. Many providers have 24/7 customer service so that if you run into a problem and something isn’t working you won’t lose out on revenue from having your website down for so long. If you are new to web hosting, then you’ll want to find a provider that can support your needs. Once you become more proficient in what you’re doing, you can switch to a less expensive provider that doesn’t have as much support available.

If you’re starting on your web hosting journey, you might be finding that there are far too many choices that are making it hard for you to decide on what host to sign up with. By carefully considering a number of important factors, you can find a host that will service your needs without issue. By using our guide you can put together a plan for your web hosting journey.



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