ananse the teacher app

Growing up, Ananse was the star of many of the folktales Ghanaian children were entertained with. The witty trickster made storytelling an important part of a child’s evening. Huddled close to the storyteller, children listened in awe of his exploits till bedtime came calling.

In modern times a group of developers, Young At Heart, have found it prudent to develop Ananse The Teacher app, to introduce Ananse to the current generation of tech savvy children in order to inspire and motivate a learning process that is as entertaining as well as it is educative.

ananse the teacher app

Launched in 2017, the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) oriented Ananse The Teacher is a web and mobile game application with an aim of bridging the gap between culture and technology by making use of Ananse stories to teach relevant subjects and in the process, get your child to see the fun side in learning these technical subjects.

ananse the teacher app

After downloading the app and experiencing what it is made off, I recommend it to parents who’d love to spark their children’s interest in Ghanaian history and culture, while keeping them knowledgeable in the arts, science, and technology – preparing them for the future which will be dependent on skills gained in the aforementioned.

Ananse The App has a lot to offer, and it can only get better when we being Ghanaians get on board by using it. That’s one way we can encourage Young At Heart who were adjudged a Digital Changemaker in Tigo’s Reach for Change Program in 2015, to put in more effort to develop and upgrade it further; in order to make this a mainstay in the Ghanaian educational system.

Learning can be fun, and it’s time for Ghanaian children to have fun with Ananse, once again.

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